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Deformation in aluminum alloy precision machinery parts processing solutions

by:Xavier      2020-05-04
Aluminum alloy deformation precision machinery parts processing, and the solution of 2 a12 aluminum alloy is a kind of high strength aluminum, after using this kind of material processed into thin wall parts, have the characteristics of light weight, high specific strength, widely used in all kinds of equipment. Based on the characteristics of the material in the precision machining process, workpiece deformation is almost inevitable, it should understand and master the regular pattern of cutting deformation in practice, using the method of reasonable control precision parts processing, make its in the process of machining, always in a good state, to ensure the precision of parts surface quality and machining precision. The causes of deformation of 2 a12 aluminium alloy thin wall parts processing, and materials, precision parts and components of geometric shapes and processing methods, processing equipment have a relationship. One of the main factors influencing the cutting deformation of workpiece material mechanical properties, cutting parameter, cutting tool geometry angles. In the mechanical properties of the workpiece material, to a greater influence on the cutting deformation is plastic. Generally speaking, the smaller the workpiece material of plastic, the higher the intensity, the smaller the deformation coefficient; The influence of cutting speed on cutting deformation work by the devolop tumor; Cutting tool rake Angle, cutting deformation decreased; The smaller tip arc radius, the greater the deformation coefficient. The clamping way choice: because than aluminum alloy steel soft, under the action of the clamping force, high precision machining parts deformation will happen, in the process of cutting is prone to 'cut' or 'less' phenomenon; Especially when aluminum alloy processed into thin wall parts, due to its complicated structure, poor stiffness is also the important cause of the clamping deformation. For some parts, you can use the clamp clamping, and adopt more compact and uniform distribution, symmetry and clamp pressure position in precision parts of the entity. Clamping using flat pliers, if precision parts were machined surface requirements of a high precision, precision milling machining can be divided into several times, before making a at the end of the process should loosen the clamping parts, redistributing stress, clamping, precision work again; Clamping force is not too big, should be to ensure that the cutting force will not be able to make produce displacement on the basis of precision machinery parts, the clamping force to small as far as possible. In the process of precision machining, to make the material 'fiber direction' get into full play, the effect of fiber direction in the beginning of machining, Blanking) When you will pay attention to, precision parts processing along the fiber direction, reduce occurred in the process of machining deformation, improve the machining accuracy. For 2 a12 aluminum alloy machining thin-walled parts, if you want to reduce the deformation of workpiece precision machinery processing, strong bar instead of panel used as materials processing, parts deformation than the much smaller when using aluminium strip plate processing. The above information is derived from the http://www Xavier machine plant. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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