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Deep drawing of metal stamping processing matters needing attention

by:Xavier      2020-09-28
Metal stamping processing, processing can meet a variety of metal material and the machining accuracy is high, is now the most a method of processing metal stamping processing the whole machining process mainly includes two kinds, one is the separation process, the other is the forming process. The forming technology of deep drawing is one of important process, it is the stamping machine, with a TAB or metal mould process type plate deformation of metal material by big machine power for cylinder or box shaped parts. It the skill of extremely complicated, to be very careful in the operation. Deep drawing process of metal stamping processing, we need to pay attention to the following two points. 1, the choice of materials, materials of different tensile properties of it have important influence, the tensile rate, have affected stamping the ratio of the diameter and the diameter of the blank. Stainless steel material control in 2. 1 to 2. 2 and carbon steel control in 2. 15 to 2. 5. Stainless steel material to deep drawing for the second time after deep drawing, but different from carbon steel materials, stainless steel usually cannot be equal to the first degree of stretching, unless after heat treatment. Stainless steel material requirements of devices is the power of the carbon steel material 1 to 2 times. Generally best deep drawing using double acting hydraulic equipment. 2, the selection of lubricating oil of lubricating oil, two factors should be considered, should provide the oil film to prevent scratches, reduce friction. And in deep drawing work is completed, to be able to convenient and thoroughly clear. Can include chlorinated or sulfide grease or wax, heavy cream, soap or deep drawing. Water and deep drawing stamping oil etc. Above is the stamping processing deep place needs to focus on two points. To do the above two points, the processing of stamping parts quality also will be higher.
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