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Cutting fluid application in precision machining

by:Xavier      2020-05-28
Cutting fluid application in precision machining in precision parts processing, we will see the device with the liquid water on the tool or workpiece, these liquid called cutting fluid. Cutting fluid in what role? Today, let shenzhen Xavier precision machining small make up take you to explain in detail. In precision machining of metal cutting fluid can play the role of lubrication, cooling process workpiece and cutting tool, antirust and cleaning concurrently at the same time. The effect of cutting fluid in addition to various performance depends on the cutting fluid itself, also depends on the processing requirements, workpiece materials, cutting tool materials and processing methods such as factor, should be comprehensive consideration, reasonable selection and correct use. The use of cutting fluid in mechanical parts processing also pay attention to some things. When rough machining process, cutting dosage is bigger, have a lot of cutting heat, in order to reduce the cutting temperature, then should choose good water-based cutting fluid cooling performance. In finish machining, the surface roughness of the workpiece has good surface quality and small value, so the cutting oil should be adopted. At this stage of the precision machining, cutting a variety of ways. Such as turning, milling and drilling, usually requires high efficiency processing, therefore, should choose water base cutting fluid; , the price must be used and broaching and teeth more expensive and complex cutting tool processing, in order to ensure the machining quality and the knife with a longer service life, it can choose oil-based cutting fluid. Different materials of cutting tool and workpiece, its high temperature resistance, can be cutting resistance, hardness, etc. , each at this time to choose different cutting fluid, respectively. Gear machining, for example, a kind of low hardness of surface, will use cutting fluid of high viscosity, in order to prevent the gear surface scratch; And cutting stainless steel type of difficult-to-machine materials, appropriate chooses extreme pressure cutting oil or extreme pressure emulsion. We can choose the physical and chemical properties stable oil-based cutting fluid processing for high precision machinery processing equipment has a good application maintenance, at the same time, it can prevent the corrosion of the metal, rust, sports activities some obstacles of parts. But for some open machine tool should not be commonly use oil-based cutting fluid, so as to avoid cutting oil volatilization and dissipation. The effect of cutting fluid and its application in shenzhen Xavier15 can better use the precision machining experience, so that better production development, guarantee the stability of the workpiece, the efficiency. The above information from Xavier company, more precision machinery parts processing, please click on the link to see http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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