Each batch of products are own inspection reports, any problem can be traced back to equipment, IPQC, FQC and all other relevant details, Achieve improvement and upgrading speed and accurate for service and quality.Customized according to product inspection requirements, especially for surface treatment products, the thickness of surface treatment film must be calculated, standard thread gauges must not be used for inspection during screw hole processing, and non-standard thread gauges must be customized for production inspection. We had successfully completed many major projects for our VIP customers.The customized OEM parts including CNC Machining parts, cnc turning parts and cnc milling parts, die casting part, investment casting broaching gear and so on.

CNC Turning Aluminum Alloy Parts

 Precision Milling Parts for Drone Motor

Cnc Turning Machined Parts

CNC Machined Mounts Parts

CNC Machining Bracket Parts

Aluminum Machined Components

Why Us

We provides one stop OEM& ODM service from concept to production for global clients in wide industries,and European design engineering team can come to your office do on-site communication with your design requirements in Europe. We offer high precision and advanced manufacturing service. We also offer a fully capable, integrated manufacturing ecosystem that effectively meets the wide-ranging demands of customers around the world.More than 25 years of work experience mechanical engineers are responsible for product process analysis. Combined with ISO9001 quality management system:

▶ Each part base on the material, quantity required to improve the production process.
▶ Each production process strictly according the SOP document.
▶ Writing CAM toolpath automatically performed every cutting process.
▶ Each CNC machines are equipped with an automatic tool changer system.
▶ Each batch of products are own inspection reports, any problem can be traced back.

Design Engineering Team
Advanced Technology
High Precision Equipment
Skilled Technical Operator
Strict Quality Inspection
Mature Production Process
Quality Management System

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