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Current situation of the development of precision machinery processing industry

by:Xavier      2020-07-10

China's manufacturing industry has gained rapid development in recent years, at the same time, it is step by step to the transformation and upgrading of industry, and is no longer the past that it is the world's factory, only do some low-end machining, but along with the advance of technology, a lot of precision machining has been moving in the areas of the world's highest. But at the same time, the industry also has some obvious defects and shortcomings, and it is for our Chinese enterprises innovative progress.

precision machining is very important link in many manufacturing field, such as automotive, military, medical, computer, communication and other many industries need to use precision hardware, precision parts, etc. As a labor-intensive industry, precision parts, precision hardware products export of our country's whole export trade has a very important role in proportion, and now the whole precision machining industry already to export-oriented development, that is to say a lot of enterprises are willing to give part of the parts to different suppliers to provide, rather than used to be on their own production, precision parts exports accounted for the proportion of exports of our country is also more and more high, almost can show more and more multinational companies transfer precision parts manufacturing to China.

since a long time, our country's precision machining industry is restricted by technology and talent reserves, on some technological innovation can't compete with foreign big enterprise, but along with the intensified competition in the industry, domestic companies also invest a lot of money on the independent research and development, and made a big progress. For example, the current domestic enterprise development of 2 meters CNC gear measuring instrument, has become a very popular international precision measuring instruments. In addition, most of the domestic precision parts processing enterprises introduced many foreign manufacturers of equipment, with the factors, and improve the precision and quality of our products.

China national precision machinery engineering research survey, precision parts processing industry as a whole in our country has made a leap type development, some ways has reached world leading level.

but we should be in view of the development of things, although we have made a lot of achievements, but we still have to see with Europe and the United States, the gap between Japan and other regions, for the present domestic production of precision parts processing equipment is nowhere close to competing with Japan, Europe and the compared region. And talent reserves, according to the latest recruitment data found that the mechanical processing industry for people is the least amount of all industry, it also suggests that the man is the lack of mechanical processing industry. So we should further improve the self innovation ability of enterprises, increase the talent pool, shorten the gap with developed countries as soon as possible.

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