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Computer gongs processing is to use what equipment do you _cnc processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-10
Using high precision machinery processing, actual effect will be better, this how to speak, the first is the processing of the actual effect, then to the processing efficiency is also much faster, plus intelligent product is now in the continued ascent, automation technology becomes more and more significant, so now computer gongs processing, or and milling machine processing is becoming more and more high level of technical regulations and now people to master the computer gongs processing! ! Computer gongs processing, computer gongs, processing and sales market? ! ! Computer gongs processing is in processed products, adopted the computer equipped with digital automatic control system, set more precise processing and manufacturing, with traditional mechanical processing and manufacturing, the output power of contemporary computer gongs processing or quality is better than the traditional hand-made with planks. With the rapid development of computer software, the production equipment can also solve processing a large number of parts, CNC machinery, now than in the past has high integration advantages, become a popular approach to resolve now. CNC hand-board reflected in the advantages of it can be described by the embodiment of the very precise engineering drawings information content, and CNC hand-board high surface quality, is in the surface after spray paint and silk screen printing ink, that than open abrasive products manufacturing out after will glow. Therefore, more and more dozens of people choose CNC hand-board processing is not no truth. Computer gongs processing, computer gongs, processing and sales market: how about 1, CNC hand-board roughness and precision of machining parts: if must to 0. The provisions of the 5 mm size tolerance, regardless of the production equipment or hand Lao shifu, whole is relatively high, the cost will be high relativity a lot; 2, CNC hand-board processed parts if difficult to processing of raw materials, raw materials such as stainless steel plate, material strength, must use the tungsten steel hardened CNC blade, and the computer gongs must be Taiwan, China or Japan equipment to cooperate with each other to do, maybe cost will be high compared with general raw material processing. 3, the structure of the CNC hand-board processing parts and specification: if the product structure analysis, processing cost will be much higher; If product big or cambered surface is shaped like the overall specifications, processing cost will increase a lot.
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