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Computer gong is a precision CNC machining? _ CNC lathe processing plant - Shenzhen hong the precision co. , LTD

by:Xavier      2020-03-29
Computer gong is a kind of artificial intelligence technology, is complicated by computer control of machine tool processing. The most complex part of computer gongs depends on the part of the automatic control system, the computer sent to various command control equipment of triaxial servo motors according to formulate the line support each other and then work out all sorts of multifarious process, in addition to ensure high machining accuracy. Shell part, the key is casting, casting is a key to harm the computer gongs machine precision. Can say, casting quality decision-making level of machine tool and the reliability of the application in the future. What rules do you have in casting production, that is, not deformation, enough rigidity. After deformation is not referring to the factory Settings, in fact, the production process, machine tool precision is stable, the deformation will harm precision. Stiffness of machine tool enough to consider heavy machining need. Castings production than in China and abroad, many should be improved and in Taiwan, China, for example, China Taiwan, such as yongjin, big made this kind of equipment castings improve later after aging treatment, some on the bottom of the sea bubble two years after the sea invasion bubble, with nature, the wind and rain of the casting properties of stable, then take out the processing, so make to machine tool reliability nature better. Basically development trend of numerical control machine tool is in general lathe of a fully automated production equipment, production technology of the two basic consistent, some similar construction. Nc machine tool are divided into without a knife library and library with the sword. In it with a knife library numerical control machine tool known as numerical control machine tools. CNC milling machine, drilling core, it is a kind of high precision, high efficiency of machine tool automation technology. Configuration jig tool turret or driving force knife tower, the machine has widespread use, performance can be processing parallel cylinders, slash cylinder, arc and various external thread, groove, multifarious steel pieces, such as eddy rod with parallel tool radius compensation, various compensation arc cutter radius compensation, and in the mass production of complex parts give full play to the economic development of good practical effect. To sum up, computer gong also can say is a precision CNC machining, early is in guangdong area called computer gong, in fact, if the processing technology, precision parts processing can also be called precision CNC machining, CNC lathe processing, may be different, in the domestic each province called roughly also so a few. Processing technology are essentially CNC precision parts processing.
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