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Communication electronics industry precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-06
Communication electronics industry precision machinery parts processing considerations for mechanical processing factory in addition to processing some round, square parts, also met some needle, hole parts, these parts are widely used in automotive, communications, electronics and other industries, is the core element of connectors. These parts belong to the slender shaft parts, in the process of precision machining, need what to notice? Xavier precision machinery processing factory to bring you the following information. 1. Reasonable arrange machining process: the reasonable processing technology and process arrangement is to ensure that the processing of qualified of the precondition of precision machinery parts processing, will directly affect the quality of the late assembly; 2. Parts processing should be in line with the following principles: the size of the first require high machining accuracy, low machining accuracy requirements, after the first punch ( After playing the axial hole, first radial hole) Cylindrical, after the car, if it is double spindle lathe, is according to the characteristics of its parts processing, high precision, complex shape on the spindle at the end of the processing, on the other side on the vice principal axis machining, precision machining parts on the lathe longitudinal cutting class, with a length for multiple blade cutting, to prevent losing support to pull material guide sleeve, so the overall dimensions should be turning in place at a time. 3. Cutting speed and feed options: according to different materials to choose appropriate cutting parameters, feed, cutting speed and the knifepoint radius, according to the material of the parts, the surface roughness and precision requirements. 4. Selection of cutting tool, cutting tool type mainly according to the shape, size, precision of work piece surface, processing method, the productivity of machine tools and requirements used to choose, such as main external circular knife, boring knife, threading, slot knife, forming cutter and cutting knife, etc. 5. The choice of cutting tool materials, mainly depending on the type of precision mechanical parts material, cutting tool shape and carries on the choice and processing requirements, etc, it should possess the following properties: high hardness and wear resistance, cutting tool material than the workpiece material hardness, temperature above 62 HRC hardness, wear resistance and wear ability, it depends on the hardness of the hard spots in organization, the number and distribution; Enough strength and toughness: in order to withstand the pressure in the cutting and toughness, avoid collapse and knife broken, whether the tool has enough strength and toughness. The above information is derived from the mechanical parts processing factory in shenzhen Xavier company.
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