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Commonly used machining center fixture summary

by:Xavier      2020-09-25
In the operation of machining center, how to make the workpiece clamping clipped on? It would use the jig. So, today I will we collect all the fixture is often used in the operation. 1, chuck. Chuck can say robots is ripe for us to cannot be cooked fixture. Chuck has a history of one hundred years. Is a classic fixture, so to speak. 2, the t-shaped workbench. T say the workbench, and the also is very classic, where a processing center, there is a T the workbench. 3, T piece, screw, clamp, and nuts. It's hard to imagine if it were not for the combination, how should the clamping workpiece on a machine tool. 4, table vice, m company. Clamp suppressed the artifacts that can consider to use a vise or wheat division fixture. 5, magnetic platform. Magnetic platform is convenient, but the relatively high cost. 6, the main shaft and the handle. Top human wisdom and the crystallization of cutting-edge technology. 7, spring jacket/barrel. With it, the handle can realize different specifications of the cutting tool clamping. Eight cylinder fixture. The essence of automatic fixture. 9, dividing head. Once very scene. With the advent of dividing spindle gradually decline.
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