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Commonly used content on mechanical processing of the lathe

by:Xavier      2020-05-23
Commonly used content on mechanical processing of lathe with the progress of science and technology, machinery manufacturing production efficiency is also in constant progress, new type of machining tool are constantly emerging, Xavier as a manufacturer specializing in precision machinery parts processing, our staff need to commonly used mechanical processing content and method of comprehensive analysis, grasp its main technical points, good development basis for precision machining. In the space below, we are turning processing for explanation. Turning processing principle: application of various types of metal cutting tools, all kinds of metal materials from excess metal material from the workpiece blank off, get the drawings of parts required. Using the rotation of the cutting tool machining surface and the cutting surface, mainly for all kinds of pivot, sleeve precision parts processing, such as its rotating surface and the surface of the spiral, mainly has inner and outer cylinder, inner and outer conical surface, etc. , also can do drilling and reaming processing. Turning processing features: turning processing adaptability is stronger in the mechanical processing and manufacturing parts, but also for iron and steel, and alloy products such as precision machinery parts processing, non-metallic sex can also work out non-ferrous metal parts and materials, has wide application range, can not only single axis parts processing, can also be processed curve parts and eccentric axis or more parts. Turning processing applications: turning processing is mainly used in shaft, sleeve rotation surface or helical surface, including inside and outside the cylinder, the forming surface of revolution, end surface, groove and knurling, moreover can also drilling, reaming, reaming, etc. The above information is derived from the metal mechanical processing factory Xavier company in shenzhen.
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