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Common methods against the knife

by:Xavier      2020-05-23
Common methods in the numerical control machine tool processing production against the knife, the knife method has a lot of kinds, classified into three categories: 1. Find the teachings of knife. This method is to use common measuring tool through direct or indirect method to find the correct position of the tool relative to the workpiece. There are many methods in the practice of specific: ( 1) Can be directly by measuring tools such as vernier caliper measuring the distance between the cutter and workpiece positioning datum, go to the top of the tool relative to the workpiece position, this method is simple, easy to understand but poor precision of the edge of the sword; ( 2) Can also be cutter knife site on a jig to the size of the knife, the knife precision directly depends on the cutter locus and the precision of the workpiece positioning base alignment; Can also be cut workpiece machining surface try a knife, to measure the size, indirect calculate the size of the knife, and then cutter to the dimensions of the dao of position, the method of cutter relatively high precision. 2. Dedicated to the knife instrument to the knife. This method is with the help of specialized instruments to get the tool knife site relative to the position of the workpiece, this method need to configure the knife apparatus and other auxiliary equipment, the high cost, loading and unloading tools more arduous, but can improve the efficiency and accuracy of knife knife, is presented, which is generally used in nc machine tools for the knife. 3. Automatic knife. Function of this method is to use the tool of CNC device detection, automatic precise detection of the length of the tool in each coordinate direction, and automatic correction tool compensation value, using this method to the knife, can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the knife, the installation of automatic system for the knife, general cost is higher, and CNC equipment should have tool automatically detect auxiliary function, only commonly used in high-grade type of nc machine tools to the knife.
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