Components are manufactured in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


We can create a step by step process that will manage your product from concept to final delivery. Precision turning of plastics and metals including knobs, manifolds,pulleys, bellows, flanges, shafts, and bushings.The increased complexity of products requires complex components of varying sizes and shapes.This requirement would have several problems in the past, such as increased costs and delays in producing the  hardware.The development of CNC (computer numerical control), however, avoided that possibility.Now, it provides industries with a quick and reliable tool for machining custom parts with precision via CNC turning, which removes unnecessary material to form the desired shape.Advantages of cnc turning:

1.Accuracy:Offers high-precision tolerances ranging from +/-0.001″– 0.005″, depending on customer specs. The precision of cnc turning parts is one of its most competitive benefits. By incorporating CAD or CAM files into the process, machines can follow strict measurements and eliminate the waste of natural human errors. That can result in improvements in your finances, productivity and more.

2.Flexibility:Fast and efficient, perfect for production of 1-10,000 parts.

3.Repeatable:By producing product batches with unparalleled accuracy, CNC turning provides exceptional repeatably. Your business maximize its output and reduce its losses by this advanced manufacturing capabilities, so can give you the freedom to invest your capital elsewhere.

So, welcome to custom precision cnc turned components here.

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