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CNC production and processing specific what are the advantages of _ precision CNC parts factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-07
Do you know about the advantages of CNC machining have these? Under the CNC machining technical engineers will accompany you to master large and medium-sized CNC processing advantages of shenzhen? CNC processing has the following advantages: 1, can be difficult to process the complexity of surface processing basic way, so that the machining parts of some can't watch. Numerical control lathe machining defects is mechanical equipment cost is expensive, maintenance staff with high quality. 2, variety, small mass production condition, high productivity, can reduce the production of site management, numerical control lathe regulation and process test of the time, and reduces the cutting time because of the amount of application of the best 3, stable machining quality, high machining accuracy, high precision, repeatedly into four axis craft processing rules. 4, a lot of reduce the total number of tooling, processing complex parts need not multifarious tooling. If you want to change the appearance of the parts and specifications, the process must be altered parts processing program, only apply innovative product research and development and modification. CNC machining CNC is also known as computer gongs, CNCCH or CNC lathe is, in fact, there a call in shenzhen, spread into the mainland after the pearl river delta, in fact is the numerical control machine tool, a lot of people in and around Shanghai area called 'CNC numerical control machine' a kind of mechanical processing and manufacturing, is a new processing technology, the allocation process is the key work process, will be the original manual labor outgoing into programming. Perhaps must have a manual labor processing experience. The above is for your narrative shenzhen CNC machining technology engineers of large and medium-sized CNC machining guys share of working experience in CNC machining and the way, did you already know? ! When selecting cutting tools, to make the size of the cutter and the surface of the processed workpiece size and shape. Production, surrounding the plane parts contour machining, often using vertical milling cutter. When milling flat, choose the carbide blade milling cutter; Processing and convex sets, grooves, select HSS end mill; Rough surface or rough machining the hole, the optional carbide tipped corn milling cutter. Choosing end mill processing, the related parameters of cutting tool, recommend the selection according to the empirical data. Surface processing is often a ball milling cutter head, but the processing surface is flat parts, tool at the top of the ball head cutting, cutting condition is bad, and therefore should be used in circular knife. In single or small batch production, to replace the multi-axis linkage machine, cylindrical or conical cutter is often used to some variable Angle parts processing plane and insert disc cutter, suitable for in five coordinate linkage CNC machine processing some sphere, its efficiency is higher than a ball milling cutter head nearly 10 times, and can achieve good precision. For position control of nc machine tools, high positioning accuracy required, localization process as quickly as possible, and the movement of the tool relative to the workpiece route is irrelevant, so this type of machine should be arranged according to idle the shortest route of feeding. In addition to determine size cutting tool axial movement, its size is mainly determined by deep hole of processed spares, but should also consider some auxiliary sizes, such as the introduction of the cutting tool distance and beyond. Determination of cutting parameter is an important content of nc machining process, it is the size of the machine tool main motion and feed movement of the important parameters, the workpiece machining accuracy, efficiency and tool wear has an important influence. Selection of cutting parameter including cutting speed, turning and feeding back. The choice of basic principle is: under the condition of rigidity to allow, rough machining large cutting depth, to reduce the number of feeding, improve the productivity; Finishing generally take small cutting depth, in order to obtain high surface quality. The most important is allowance for finish machining precision, done + - on mazak machine tools 0. 001 the accuracy of the abnormal condition, because of the temperature change cannot exceed the tolerance, design of tolerance is + 0. 012. - - - - - - 0. 008, considering the temperature influence, only guarantee the + - 0. 001 this range. The same cutting tools, processing technology, the same machine tools, when I was doing at risk by engineers shot from the cutting tool compensation in put fine car allowance 0. The more you know, 15 program changed a bollocking. Change back from work. So that can save half of the finishing tool head, about 4 hours to change a tool compensation, also do not need every piece with a gauge to measure the three feet. Efficiency increased by 20%, probably can obviously increased by 50%. Because of the complexity of the numerical control processing, Such as different machine, different materials, different cutting tools, different cutting way, different parameter setting, etc. ) Nc machining/programming thought of to a certain level, must go through a long time. The following content is according to the experience of the engineers in the long-term production process, summarizes the nc processing technology, process, the selection of commonly used tool parameters, process monitoring in the process of the company for your reference.
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