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CNC precision mechanic, before the operation need to pay attention to?

by:Xavier      2020-07-18

CNC precision machining, before the operation need to pay attention to? We in the choice of CNC precision parts processing, must be on the premise of quality to choose to have certain popularity, has a good reputation.

a precision, CNC machine tool maintenance

1, before going to work every day and a half hours to clean up, maintenance of nc machine tools using air gun or oil gun cleaning chip, the spindle must have a knife.

2, prohibit using air gun or oil gun to blow the spindle taper hole, avoid scraps small particles such as debris was blown into the shaft hole, affect the cleanness of the spindle.

3, check the lubrication machine is working correctly, the adequacy of lubricating oil, according to the normal order of boot.

4, in machine tools the spindle start before formal job ( Speed of 501 r/M) For spindle preheating.

2, CNC precision machine tool operation

1, the computer compare program list to confirm before processing model, the blank dimensions and to deal with the sand grinding machining allowance and the blank.

2, confirm the workpiece after put the position, as well as the processing order, complete the table action

3, when if you need & other Points in the bar & throughout; Points in the speed of 501 r/M, such as the sword points when rotation speed is depending on the tool, also should be paid attention to in the process must be in same height access, to ensure the accuracy, after the points in the available & other; Test G0 G54 X0 Y0 '

4, before formal process to check whether the placement of the workpiece and the access right

3, CNC precision machining considerations when

1, before each program processing, should be strictly the confirmation on the cutting tool is consistent with the program

when 2, put the knife, please confirm whether the clip blade cutter tool length and choose suitable

3, every time the knife in the same artifact needs to keep in the same area, to ensure the accuracy of cutter welding knife

4, in the crude gas blowing, as far as possible in the program in laser scalpel programs are injection

5, need to put the machine in front of the laser scalpel injection in aluminum slag clean to prevent slag oil absorption

6, the CNC precision machining operators shall not be allowed to leave the machine in running itself or on a regular basis to check the machine running status, if you want to leave must specify the relevant personnel check see

7, when too much machining allowance is found in the process of machining, must use & other; Single piece & throughout; Or & other Suspended & throughout; The X, Y, Z value after reset manually drop the milling and then roll back & other; Zero & throughout; For its own operation

8, such as found in the manufacturing process of colliding of the operator must immediately stop, such as press & other Emergency stop & throughout; Button or & other; Reset button & throughout; A button or the & other; Feed rate & throughout; Adjusted to zero

9, prohibited in the machine tool running boot door to avoid throwing knives or fly artifacts

10. Workpiece plane must be clear in time after burring

11, when work, the operator must be timely and accurate delivery, to ensure that subsequent processing can be carried out as normal and

12, turn it off before ensure the knife library in the original position, the XYZ axis stops in the center position, in turn, turn off the power and total power on the machine tool operation panel

13, encounter heavy thunderstorm weather must stop immediately cut off power supply when work

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