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CNC precision machining, you should pay attention to what dangerous? ? ? ? ?

by:Xavier      2020-07-18

as we all know, machine processing and careless if the operation is likely to lead to dangerous, there are many small factory in the process of actual operation due to careless operation management is not strict tragedy happened occasionally, so CNC processing should pay attention to what dangerous? Below by our to introduce for everybody:

first, the transmission device in the actual operation risk probability is bigger, machine tool drive is generally is by the gear parts, transmission chain and transmission belt, if these parts design without fully considering the safety, no design protection layer, rotating part, then it very likely will worker hands, or clothes lay into the device, so as to cause harm.

the second pressure, pressure of mechanical parts can be dangerous, general common punching machine, grinder, moulding machines, shearing machines, such as belong to mechanical stress, because such devices mostly need artificial to operate, and can't avoid personnel operation for personnel or mood swings caused by human error, so also is easy to injury accidents.

the third, from the risk of machine tool is a dangerous, because the machine is much high speed cutting machines, so the risk is very big, cutting tools, splash, lead to the impact factors such as inappropriate position of the operator station may result in personal injury accidents.

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