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CNC precision machining process of nc machining method _ precision machining factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-26
Process line popularization, refers to all the parts from MAO embryo to finished products have to through all the processing line, craft route formulation is the key content of precision machining process, the key to the daily task is to clear the number of technological process and process content, selected parts on the surface of each processing way, clear the surface of each processing order, etc. Nc machining and CNC lathe process circuit design of the key differences, depending on the front of a not from MAO embryo to the whole process of manufactured goods, but only a few surface nc machining process technology of the whole process of the actual narration, CNC precision machining, CNC machining process generally across the all parts processing technology in the whole process, so you must good docking with other production process, it is the area that should pay attention to when processing technology. , according to the features of CNC precision machining, CNC machining process of zoning can generally be as follows: 1, with an installation, processing as a process. This kind of parts suitable for processing content less, after processing can be inspected. 2, in the same CNC blade processing the contents of the division process. Although on the surface of some of the high precision parts and components for processing in an installation, but fully aware of the application process is too long, will be run by some amount of memory, numerical control lathe work time limit, such as such as procedure, work in a range can not be finished in time, etc. , there are also means application process is too long will improve error and difficult to find out, thus in CNC precision machining, allocation of processes can not be too long and each procedure, the content may not be too much. Part 3, to processing point process. In view of the content of the steel parts must be processed, according to its structure feature processing position can be divided into several part, such as the lining, appearance design, surface or floor plan, and each part of the processing procedure. 4, with thick, deep processing and regionalization process, there are some material of high precision parts processing process transfigure change, after the need for pretreating will produce deformation of the school. In general, everyone who want to begin the process of crude, deep processing, the process must be separated. Order should be based on the structure of the parts and the distribution of the embryo, and precise positioning, installation and gripping must consider that order allocation shall generally be carried out according to the following standards. The work procedure of processing can't harm the precise positioning and clamping, the middle across the generality of nc lathe machining process should be fully considered; After the lining first appearance design processing; With same precision positioning, clamping method or use the same CNC blade machining process, it is best to continue processing, in order to reduce the burden on precise frequency knife frequency changer. Also should comply with drilling high precision components processing order allocation standard: essence extract, home after first time, after the first plane hole, the standard is preferred.
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