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CNC precision machining parts which need to be paid attention to

by:Xavier      2020-07-18

CNC precision parts processing, we usually choose the material is easy cutting steel or copper, free cutting steel is generally sulfur content or high phosphorus content of steel, sulfur and manganese element in steel is usually in the form of manganese sulfide, manganese sulfide can make steel become more lubrication, and thus easier to cutting, to improve its machinability, CNC precision parts processing need to pay attention to what?

1, the workpiece clamping alignment, can only use the low speed state is, or manually pull (chuck to find is, absolutely can't find is in high speed condition.

2. If you need to change the direction of spindle rotation, must not be a sudden change of direction of rotation, but first the spindle to stop.

3, machine tool gasket to flat, width to be just like the bottom width of cutting tool, and the installation tool can't stretch out too long.

4, and if necessary in the CNC precision parts processing during braking of spindle, must not adopt the method of inversion.

the above is about & other; CNC precision parts processing need to pay attention to what & throughout; Are introduced, the hope can bring you some help, yingtan company is specialized in manufacturing metal non-standard parts, ¢0. 5 - ¢20 mm stainless steel, titanium, aluminum etc metal precision parts manufacturing for many years precipitation technology, the machining accuracy can reach 0. 01 mm, welcome general merchants friend to figure proofing customization.

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