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CNC parts processing steps _ precision parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-04-07
In use in the mechanical processing and manufacturing is the maximum number of CNC machining, has a tendency to use in many companies. In the process of production is generally based on the actual workpiece in order to develop production, design steps, then you know CNC processing steps? Below is simple and easy for everyone to analyse the, the key is divided into six processes. 1, the function analysis of the company before the production parts and production it is best to carry out the analysis of the commodity, according to the analysis of production function, the first to obtain certain information content composition method, there are also parts of processing rules, such as main parameters and the main technical indicators. 2, graphically creative pattern design scheme is reflected in the analysis of the commodity, contains the appearance of the parts, contour these, depending on the type of analysis processing to clear parts, had better use graphics software to carry out the drawing. 3, the overall planning process is not the same parts of process is not the same, ningbo CNC machining can maintain a variety of craft, multifarious production must, in plain English memory a confidential using. Process and machining commodity appearance and is generally based on rules to analyze, and then work out an effective machining process. 4, the path of nc blades in the manufacturing process of this phase is actually keep the process according to the mobile phone software, main parameters set all kinds of production, for example, contains a path of nc blades for these. 5, path simulation path after converted into mobile phone software, finally, enough to use in the numerical control lathe, but should be carried out before using simulation, simulation of path can reduce processing will actually cause the deviation of, or is to reduce fraction defective. The practical effects of the general is a top priority inspection workpiece shape cutting or less cutting, process overall planning the scientific research of the path. 6, the output path path output is reflected in the computer programming on nc lathe the necessary process, according to the output path can keep the basis of numerical control machine tool, all is the key of modern CNC machining practical significance. The efficiency of nc machining technology play in the very great degree and the enterprise itself related technology management model. The standard and normalization of the nc machining programming, to a certain extent, reflects the enterprise itself the nc machining technology application level, through the standardization to constrain the diversification of nc program, improve the quality of the tool path, such as benchmark, the positioning of the in process documents indicate the knife benchmark and coordinate system and tool parameters and cutting parameters; For application can be compiled in the 2 d contour machining, three-dimensional curved surface, fixed cycle, tool compensation and tool path processing strategy in many ways, such as standardized programming; On the basis of the typical parts processing experience, to establish standardization, standardization of nc program template, can greatly improve the quality of programming and machining efficiency of the product.
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