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CNC numerical control machining operation specification

by:Xavier      2020-07-17

many steps in the process of CNC numerical control processing if you don't pay attention to standardized operation is likely to cause safety problems, in order to improve the machining efficiency, reduce the loss that causes because of the error, CNC nc machining operations must always pay attention to the specification, the following is yingtan of CNC CNC machining operation specification:

1. Assembly time as far as possible to reload the cutting tool material, it can prevent material when hand be knife cut, but if the tool is already installed, you should put the worktable, which ensures that do not interfere with tools.

2。 Must be in the spindle rotation after come to a complete stop to remove the tool.

3。 When remove the tool must not be directly with the hand tight grip cutter blade, so as not to cut.

4。 In the process of precision parts processing operators can't be too close observation of the cutting condition, prevent scraps into eyes.

5。 After the tool to be used in the use of storage areas should be placed on designated tools.

6。 Precision parts processing should first check before machine to start the pump nozzle position, to avoid the impact of oil spray to another location.

7。 Machining gap if you want to suspend observation, certainly will need to remove the workbench cutting position.

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