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CNC numerical control lathe processing characteristics

by:Xavier      2020-07-17

CNC numerical control lathe processing application is more and more to a wide range, especially in the modern manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing, aviation and medical industry, in particular, are very high precision industry, CNC numerical control lathe has incomparable advantage over other ordinary lathe, so what are the characteristics of the CNC numerical control lathe processing? To introduce the below by:

first, CNC numerical control lathe processing transmission chain is short, compared with other ordinary lathe, CNC lathe is through transverse longitudinal respectively driven by two clicks, is no longer through traditional traditional part such as wheels, clutch, so transmission chain is greatly reduced compared to conventional lathe, nature also is to have greatly improve efficiency.

second, CNC numerical control lathe of high rigidity, is controlled by CNC system for numerical control lathe, so in order to adapt to the numerical control system of high precision, rigidity natural high to match its high-precision CNC lathe.

third, CNC numerical control lathe easy to drag, the worktable is adopt friction know ball screw pair, and the ends of the o yong special bearing, can withstand the pressure is bigger than ordinary lathe, and the processing of the lubrication part adopts is the automatic oil mist lubrication, these measures are making it easier for the CNC numerical control lathe.

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