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CNC numerical control lathe in production and processing aluminum material, how to ensure the specifications? CNC processing factory for many years of experience in processing

by:Xavier      2020-04-07
First, under the condition of the premise of aluminum, several aspects must be considered: a, uncontrollable factors: 1, the reliability of the machine tool itself. If it weren't for a new machine, or haven't a lot of machine tool adjustment, can produce caused by the specifications of the machine tool itself is not correct. Due to several factors: the error of machine tool itself mechanical equipment level: a. In the middle of the ac servo motor and screw let go. b。 Ball screw or nut rolling bearing damage. c。 In the middle of the nut and screw RunHua enough. Electrical equipment level: a. Ac servo motor common faults. b。 Grating ruler with waste. c。 Servo motor meter common faults. PMC can repair on the basis of the system software developed, and the main parameters and didn't talk about. 2, processing steel water cooling after deformation. This is most difficult to avoid, as much as possible in the process of production of coolant applications, on the spot when accurate measurement of water cooling steel deformation. Second, can prevent the factors: 1, the processing technology, in fact, most of the machining error is actually caused by unscientific processing technology. In ensuring the basic processing technology ( Cutting CNC lathe processing, such as 'first rough then essence, first face behind, after the first big small' based processing key points or basically, when in the application of the jig 'avoid gripping frequency, the application of modular fixture') , causing the machining error of iron. Cutting on the aluminum parts to a minimum. Because aluminium is very soft, very easily lead to the removal of iron cutting die casting processing error. For example, at the mandarin hotel, FANUC or mechanical processing and manufacturing base, should be applied as far as possible G83 command, make its iron cut can replace G73 command line. 2, the three elements of cutting: cutting dosage of vc, feeding f, deep drilling ap and cutter compensation to this level, is not easy to show in detail, in the premise of ensure the machining quality and tool damage condition, main parameters adjustment to make full use of machining tool, drilling efficiency, production cost minimum. There is tool damage compensation in CNC milling machine and other factors. 3, handmade programming and automatic programming in numerical calculation in handmade writing program, the calculation error is a common condition, but now most of the goods is full automatic programming. 4, the inaccuracy of knife knife is harm specification error factor. Try to select good find edge detector. If the machine has automatic special tools, it is best not to find edge. This means working experience.
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