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CNC numerical control lathe how should maintain

by:Xavier      2020-07-18

CNC lathe ( CNC) Is a kind of high precision, high efficiency, by process control automation of machine tools, this control system able to handle the set of logic control procedures, through the computer to compile, machine tool according to the program instruction to perform the corresponding action, so as to realize the cutting tool and the blank material processed into semi-finished parts, finished parts.

a wide range of application of numerical control lathe, the big to the aerospace industry, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing industry, medical industry, small to normal production. Because of the high precision CNC machine tools can make up for the inadequacy of human, to the roundness and cylindricity and generatrix straightness shape precision parts with high precision cutting processing, with circular arc interpolation, linear interpolation of various compensation function, numerical control lathe should be how to maintain? Below is the CNC numerical control lathe by yingtan maintenance methods:

( 1) Strictly abide by the operation procedure and daily maintenance system

nc equipment operation personnel should strictly abide by rules of operation and maintenance system, according to the rules of photoelectric reading machine maintenance. The merits of the operating personnel's technical service quality are the important factors influencing the failure frequency. When machine failure occurs, the operator should pay attention to keep the scene, and explain to maintenance personnel before and after the failure, to facilitate analysis, diagnose the fault reason, ruled out in a timely manner.

( 2) Prevent dust dirt from entering the nc device inside the

dust dirt if internal insulation is easy to cause the components into the numerical control device, which can lead to resistance to drop, even cause the damage of components and circuit board. Because processing workshop dust is very big, so you should at least every quarter or every half a year check whether there is a wind channel filter blocking phenomenon, if too much dust filter, it is not clear in time, can cause in numerical control cabinet temperature too high; For the hydraulic and lubrication, regularly clean or replace the filter on the air pressure system; Regular oil inspection tests for hydraulic system; On a regular basis to the air pressure on the water system water gas filter; Regular level of nc machine tools and mechanical precision inspection and correction.

although nc machine tools is controlled by the program of automation equipment, but in order to realize high efficiency of numerical control equipment, the operator must be the correct operation and meticulous maintenance maintenance, to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the equipment.

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