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CNC machining security considerations _cnc machining manufacturer for many years experience

by:Xavier      2020-03-27
Numerical control lathe processing is a kind of new technology products, some high precision machining parts and equipment. Nowadays, a lot of aluminum shell is made of CNC machine tool production process. Numerical control lathe processing generates a lot of convenient. Xavier, for example, pay attention to numerical control lathe numerical control lathe processing using safety coefficient. 1, the plane coordinates, knife set must be appropriate when starting nc machine tool CNC machining, be sure to set numerical control lathe machine tool coordinate system. Plane coordinate nc machine tool CNC machining work should be consistent with R hold during programming, especially in is 7 shaft bearing, if there are any errors, cutting tool and workpiece collision probability is very big. In addition to this setting must be properly J J tool length compensation or, if it weren't for empty processing, if it weren't for a collision occurs. 2, using the computer simulation system software nowadays with the development trend of computer software, the numerical control lathe processing development of classroom teaching, numerical control lathe machining simulation system software is very much, its function is becoming more and more perfect. Thus can be used to check data in stages: observation tool of fitness, in order to make clear is there will be a collision. Using the numerical control lathe built-in simulation shows that information function. Is generally good CNC lathe pattern shows that information function, when typing application process, can enable the pattern simulation shows that information function, the detailed observation tool trajectory, facilitate inspection tool and the workpiece or jig is there will be a collision. 3, the use of CNC machine tool CNC machining the lock function of general nc lathe has function of lock ( Full lock or single spindle lock) 。 When typing program process, lock the two axis, according to the plane coordinate resolution of 2 axis is produces the collision. The use of this feature should be around such as tool change, otherwise can't according to the application process. 4, numerical control machine tool CNC processing air is used as the CNC machine tool CNC machining of air is used as the function to check the accuracy of the feed motion trajectory. After the program flow type numerical control lathe, can install a tool or workpiece, then hold down the air as a key, then the main shaft bearing does not turn, work station according to the program since the launch of trajectory, then can find the cutting tool is there will be collisions with workpiece or jig. Under such a thing, however, be sure to make sure with artifacts, can not install tool; When cutting tool can't install the workpiece, or it will produce collision. In addition to the use of CNC machine safety coefficient. CNC machining must know the actual operation, otherwise will damage the CNC machining CNC lathe or parts in the extravagant and wasteful.
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