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CNC machining process _ precision parts processing factory quotation

by:Xavier      2020-04-02
Hello, everyone! , I am the CNC processing project, here for the guys in detail how to looking for CNC machining more quickly get quotes back then. First, the first to own ready ahead of 2 d drawings, and 3 d drawings, convenient CNC factory price quote for you more quickly. Second, not only give a screenshot, or narrative, only some people immediately to give you a big machine, 3 d drawing to specify here, our company is a machining factory, is a manufacturer parts, you are a so big object 3 d drawings, nature is not clear which processing, this sort of thing do not assume, people is not easy to quote, because you don't care to do. Summary: you convenient, people also convenient, inconvenience must CNC processing customers, then ready ahead of 2 d and 3 d drawing first, then sent to the people, pay attention to is a parts picture, or a figure in the separation of several main parameters parts CAD figure, so that people can rapidly, more services offer to you! CNC lathe processing: standard optimization algorithm is working hours * per hour salary + shall split the fixed costs, such as depreciation. General numerical control lathe processing cost of 60 yuan per hour. Machine of about 1 m, usually made with machine tools. Machine tool area prices improve slightly less diversified 10. May according to the equipment production capacity is different, the price will be very different. Every manufacturers often have their own advantages, small processing plants, suitable to play the sample maker of right, the customer must be based on customer requirements to find suitable for CNC manufacturing plant itself, generally by the goods to calculate the length of the processing time, is to measure as machine tools, such as your goods with CNC lathe can make originally, but you have to find a CNC machine to do, that there is no doubt your many, manufacturing industry price is different also, very miscellaneous, one at a higher than a, want to find have to ensure that try not to find a store, should find solid line processing plants, as far as I know, is a very expensive professional opening to the outside of the factory, it is best to find the class to processing but also opening up to the processing factory, their price is low, the quality is ensured. Process the problem of the shall include operating costs, processing costs ( Choose what kind of processing price is different) , equipment depreciation, employee wages, service charges, taxes, etc. The key is to clear process, processing way, then according to the process to measure the working hours, by working to clear the basis of separate parts processing costs, plus the cost of the other. University of technology is a very complex asked a parts with different process, the price discriminating, each technical work processing ing base price actually all sorts of technical type of work the price is not fixed, is on the basis of the difficulty coefficient of steel, the size of the machinery, equipment, characteristics of different and different, may be important to have looked at how much you the amount of money, but in general it is a base price, in the middle of the base price fluctuations.
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