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by:Xavier      2020-06-01
CNC precision machining error of seven you know how much? Schools of thought contend, in an age of mozi had yue: sweet melon bitter, all the things without America. Although every hing has its shortcomings. Mei is white, the snow without mei xiang, like people strengths and also to be short, not perfection. Take long, fill yourself short, is the talk. an excellent. Modern times the current CNC machining also could not escape the fate of all sectors outside, also can produce some error in the machining process, basically has the following seven big error: 1, the principle of principle error of CNC machining error is due to the approximate processing movements or similar tool contour error arising from the error exists in the processing principle, therefore calls the processing principle error. As long as the principle error within the scope of the permit, the processing method is feasible. 2, machine tool geometric error of machine tool manufacturing error, installation error and the use of the wear and tear, are directly affect the machining precision of workpiece. Mainly spindle rotary motion, machine tools guide linear motion and the error of machine tool transmission chain. 3, cutting tool manufacture error and wear of CNC machining tool manufacturing error, installation error and using the wear and tear, can affect the workpiece machining accuracy. Cutting tool in cutting process, the cutting blade, blade and artifacts, with a strong friction chip, tool wear. When the tool wear reaches a certain value, the workpiece surface roughness value increase, chip color and shape change, accompanied by vibration. Tool wear will directly affect the cost of cutting, processing quality and productivity. 4, clamp error of CNC machining error including positioning error, clamping, fixture installation error and error against the knife, etc. The error is mainly related to the fixture manufacturing and assembling accuracy. CNC machining precision can't be perfect, as long as the error control within a certain range it is unimportant. Tool manufacture error and wear. 5, positioning error positioning error mainly includes the benchmark misalignment error and deputy produce inaccurate positioning error. To the workpiece in the machine tool for processing, must choose some geometric elements on the workpiece as the locating datum when processing, if the chosen positioning datum and the design datum ( On the part drawing is used to identify a surface the benchmark) which is the basis of the size, location, Don't overlap, can produce benchmark misalignment error, workpiece positioning and orientation of fixture elements constitute the vice, vice manufacturing due to the positioning is not accurate and positioning fitting clearance between vice artifacts caused by larger position change quantity, called a deputy produce inaccurate positioning error. Vice make inaccurate positioning error is produced only when using adjustment method processing, won't produce in the trial cut method processing. 6, adjust the error in the machining of every working procedure, always on the process system to adjust the work of one kind or another. Due to the adjustment could not be accurate, therefore produce error adjustment. In the process system, workpiece and tool based on the location of each other in the machine tool accuracy, is by adjusting the machine tool, cutting tool, jig or artifacts to guarantee. When the machine tool, cutting tool, fixture and workpiece blank the original precision meet the process requirements without considering dynamic factors, adjust the error of machining error play a decisive role. 7, the measurement error parts after machining or measured, due to measurement method, the measuring accuracy and the workpiece and the subjective and objective factors directly affect the accuracy of measurement. More than seven machining error can be avoided to a certain extent, so the need for machining operators in processing of the six easy machining error caused by machining process can be more careful of the reentry after testing and the validation of the machining operation, so it can better reduce the effects of machining error. Shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD. Is a set of mechanical parts processing one of the mechanical parts processing plant, provide CNC machining, precision machining, machine parts and non-standard automation mechanic, large mechanical parts processing service excellent mechanical parts processing company!
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