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CNC machining parts in different parts of the term _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-25
Numerical control lathe machining parts in different parts of the term in guangdong and the pearl river delta area CNC lathe parts processing some popular name, commonly called 'CNC machining, precision CNC machining, precision parts processing, computer gongs, CNC machining center, precision machining, etc. In the central domestic, hunan, hubei and other places generally called CNC machining or computer gongs. In the western region of gansu, shaanxi and other places such as sichuan more commonly called precision parts processing, and in the northeast area called domestic precision machining and precision CNC machining and have some precision parts processing. Although around the term are the same, as the same, but you in the baidu search, these words appear manufacturers, basic it is located in the district, shenzhen, shenzhen city, guangdong province, after all, the development of heavy industry or earlier, shenzhen city, guangdong province. In search of manufacturer, how to determine the overall strength of CNC machining manufacturer? The best thing to do is look at manufacturer's workshop, and the number of technicians, and some, such as eye check check enterprise credit third party query software, can look at a processing plant from the overall corporate culture and the benefits of employees social security, such as more as you can see whether the enterprise is a litigation dispute case, late to judge a whole factory cooperation attitude and risk factors of the quality and irresponsible. No matter what you are using the word searches a processing factory, this factory is pay attention to the network to promote this piece, see page clean and tidy, rational layout, with real workshop machines and factory, general processing power or to a certain extent, further is to see the credibility and reputation, this factory suggest eye check some can learn some useful information. Although precision parts processing, precision CNC machining, CNC machining, precision machining, and computer gongs are representatives of the parts processing industry, formed the regional search habits, want to know whether in which region search these words, a demand of customers factory will choose the guangdong shenzhen factory as a habit. In today's economy, form of CNC precision parts processing factory still booming, it is strong, but to be found in these regions have actual strength and quality and service processing factory is running out. If say to have actual strength, quality, service, CNC processing plant in shenzhen home, shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. Is a company with rich experience in precision parts processing manufacturers, has a rich experience of CNC processing technicians and quality inspectors, and brand new CNC machining center. Although in different areas for processing factory is not the same, but please remember shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD is a professional and responsible for precision CNC processing plant.
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