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CNC machining operation machine technicians need to know the common knowledge of _cnc factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-12
Naturally, this is key, because if the operator has a is not correct, it will undoubtedly harm to the quality of the goods, so some of the above key points is critical, so we together have a look at what components production and processing knowledge points of the operator must understand each other? Non standard parts production and processing to ensure the reliability and credibility of cutting performance life should be a smooth cutting performance and applying. CNC lathe processing, the cutting performance and drilling tool life management methods should be automatic control system. To ensure that the special tools used longer tool should have high life, should pick cutting performance, wear resistant coating special drilling tool and effective selection. Prevent special tools to ensure that the cut, cut, cut, cut chaos system software can produce a lot of damage to mass production, lead to rupture of the cutting tools and all kinds of damage elements. To ensure that the special tools of development to ensure that you can quickly transform state transformation, changing and automatic conversion of the cutting tools. Scientific and standardized to control special tools to quickly and accurately adjust special tools to parts production and processing initial coordinates specifications, special tools. Non standard parts production and processing, according to the features of data manipulation to pick a special tool, according to the features of the numerical control lathe processing, it is important to make the standardization and serialization of nc machine tools drilling tool and general construction management system, to facilitate rapid purchase suitable cutting tool. Create the database and intelligent management system should be to create a detailed database query and intelligent management system, there are a variety of numerical control machine tools and multifarious management method, all special tools shall be automatically retrieve, memory, storage areas, laser cutting time and remaining life, then to carry out the special tool changing, shipping, adjust the special tool specifications. Establish a perfect information management system for special tools it has sound special tool assembly, understanding of special tools pre-adjustment, the number and identification technology. Test anytime and anywhere special tools to create special tools online monitoring system software of damage.
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