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CNC machining offer _ precision parts processing Precision CNC processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-02
Four axis nc machine tool machining center offers a lot of money to the difficulties can not calculate the accurate price, price of four axis machining center is not only related to the processing center model specifications, fourth axis specification, and manufacturers, configuration, also often appear very big concern, under the sea in shandong under the special nc machine tools, a common several offer four axis nc machine tool machining center section: VMC850 four axis machining center offer: 23. 80000 - 31. 80000 VMC1060 four axis machining center offer: 28. 80000 - 38. 80000 VMC1270 four axis machining center offer: 32. 80000 - 43. 8 four thousand axis machining center why do offer a lot of money to the same specifications of four axis nc machine tool machining center price range is so big? First, numerical control machine tools ( Four axis synergies are open) Choose domestic and imported systems also want to distance is more than ten, such as China Kane emperor with Japan fanuc system, nc machine tools can be in accordance with the requirements of consumers to choose the second, four axis specification the same brand of the fourth shaft specifications specifications, prices are not the same as the third and fourth axis as the fourth big brands axis index plate has the branch of China and import, different brands of the fourth shaft have different prices. Parts of nc machining process analysis is the most key personnel allocation nc machine program flow and extremely complex phase, all is the key to nc machining process design work, be sure to in the numerical control lathe machining plan ahead. A standard programming for nc machine tools and the role and characteristics of the automatic control system, and its harm in every stage of the numerical control lathe processing must have a clear and comprehensive grasp, because it can prevent processing craft plan would appear to be an ill-advised and commodity quality problem, cause not the luxury of human resource, manpower resource waste. CNC machining program fee list: 1, 2, CNC processing fee (material cost, 60 yuan an hour) 3, surface treatment ( Heat treatment and oxidation treatment, chrome plating, black nickel plating processing, steel processing, aluminum color processing, bluing, black finish, sandblasting oxidation treatment, and so on craft process) 。 4 specific detail CNC processing fees, logistics cost, because involves various parts processing technology and process and different materials, cost will be different, you can inquire discuss relevant issues.
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