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CNC machining need to pay special attention to some _cnc factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-31
In today's numerical control lathe processing can't overcome the fortunes of manufacturing industry in the contemporary period, some error occurs on the production process, key in any of the following seven big misconceptions commonly today Xavier precision machines take guys to master: 1, the key to solve basic principle is not correct CNC machining error because of the similar processing fitness or similar tool contour error caused. Basic principle for processing is not correct, so called basic principle error processing. If the error within the allowable range, such kind of solution is practicable. 2, the geometric error of nc lathe machinery equipment manufacturing manufacturing error, installation error and damage immediate harm to the workpiece machining accuracy of the whole application process. Mainly includes lathe spindle rotation exercise, numerical control lathe slide rail and CNC lathe gear error of uniform linear motion. 3, special tool manufacturing error and damage of CNC machining tool manufacturing error in the process of production, installation error and damage are endangering workpiece machining accuracy. In the whole process of laser cutting, cutting edge, drilling surface and the workpiece and cutting cause apparent friction, may lead to damage of the cutting tool. When special tool damage to a certain value, the workpiece roughness value of ascension, and integrated IC is tonal and appearance changes, along with the vibration. Drilling tool damage will immediately harm productivity, processing quality and cost. 4, jig is not correct CNC machining fixture error contains the positioning error, clamping error, fixture installation error and setting error of tools. This error is the key related to manufacturing and assembly precision of the fixtures. 4, numerical control lathe machining accuracy is not beautiful, if error control within a certain range, it is difficult to what are the practical significance. Special tool manufacturing error and damage. 5, the position is not correct positioning error including reference not pointing error and positioning manufacturing error error. On the nc lathe machining, be sure to pick several geometric elements on the workpiece as processing positioning references. If the application of the selected location reference and design basis, Reference to specific parts surface specifications and drawings and parts) 。 If have not, will cause reference not pointing error. Positioning surface of workpiece and fixture positioning components are located in together. Locating part is not accurate, and the positioning of the middle of the matching gap artifacts caused by large offsets called positioning. Son of manufacturing inaccuracy is not correct. Inaccurate error of locating and manufacturing while adjusting mode application only, and not easy to produce throughout the trial cut. 6, adjustment is not correct in every production process, the whole process from beginning to end in a certain way to adjust the system software. Because the adjustment is unlikely to be accurate, thus causing error adjustment. In processing the system software, according to adjust the CNC lathe, cutting tools, jigs and fixtures or workpiece to ensure each other parts of the workpiece and cutting tools in numerical control lathe precision. When the numerical control lathe, cutting tool, jig and artifacts of hair embryo initial accuracy consider processing rules without considering the daily dynamic elements, regulating effect plays a fundamental error in processing. 7, measurement deviation in the process of production or processing after accurate measurement parts, precision measurement precision by the test method, immediately precision measuring instruments, the dangers of artifacts and subjective elements. Described in a certain level to prevent seven processing error, and therefore must be the actual processing operation staff can be more careful, more careful screening in the processing process will cause processing error of six production process. After processing the actual operation, to reduce the harm of machining error as soon as possible.
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