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CNC machining FAQ - _ numerical control machine manufacturer Shenzhen hong the precision machinery co. , LTD

by:Xavier      2020-04-02
Numerical control lathe processing can improve the machining efficiency and make a lot of use value. The emergence of the numerical control lathe processing make the enterprises to overcome the backward processing technical. Numerical control lathe machining process is similar to numerical control lathe, but because of nc lathe machining is a one-off, continuous automatic processing for all drilling operation, and therefore should pay attention to the following several aspects. An effective pick cutting, CNC lathe processing: in view of the high efficient cutting processing of raw materials, metal materials cutting tools and cutting standard are three key elements. The decision for processing time, the service life of the cutting tool and machining quality. A way of economic development and reasonable processing make sure is the effective selection of cutting standard. Numerical control lathe machining which strong numerical control lathe cutting standard of three factors: the cutting speed, feed rate and cutting depth damaged special tools immediately. With laser cutting rate has increased, knife temperature will rise, may lead to mechanical equipment, organic chemical and thermal damage. Cutting speed increased by 20%, the service life of the cutting tool reduced 1/2. 2, CNC lathe processing feed standard: feed standards and tools back the scope of damage in less relevant. However, feed rate, cutting temperature, damage of suitability. It below to the harm of special tool cutting speed. Although the cutting depth on cutting speed and feed rate no harm, but in the deep cutting conditions, YingDeHua layer is caused by cutting raw materials, it also harm the service life of the cutting tool. But in the process of operation, the service life of nc lathe machining tools selection and tool damage, mechanical processing specification, process performance, cutting noise and tempering treatment. Explicit processing standard, must be in accordance with specific conditions to carry out scientific research. In view of the difficult processing of raw materials, such as stainless steel and heat resistant alloy, numerical control lathe processing application coolant or stiffness of segment. The function of CNC machining center fully with complete CNC machining center is a function of nc machine tools. It put the milling, boring, drilling, tapping screw thread and cutting thread functions such as focus on one device, make its have a variety of process methods. Processing center set up libraries with the knife, knife in the library where the different number of all sorts of cutting tool or submit, in the process of processing by the application of automatic selection and replacement. CNC machining center high degree of automation of parts on a machining center after a clamping, digital control system can control the machine tool according to different processes, automatic selection and replacement of cutting tools, automatically change the spindle speed, feed and motion trajectory of the tool relative to the workpiece and other auxiliary functions, in order to complete a few more process on the surface of workpiece processing, and various ways of change or choose knife function. Feed speed is an important parameter in numerical control machine tool cutting dosage, mainly according to the requirements of the parts machining accuracy and surface roughness, and selection of cutting tool, workpiece material properties. Zui large feed speed limited by the stiffness of machine tool and the feed system performance limits. To determine the feed speed principle: when the workpiece quality requirements can be guaranteed, in order to improve the production efficiency, can choose high feed rate. In 100 a 200 mm/min range selection; In cutting, machining deep hole or use the high speed steel cutter, should choose low feed rate, generally within a 50 mm/min 20 selected; When machining accuracy, surface roughness requirements, feed speed persons to be small, generally 20 - - - - - - - 50 mm/min range selection; Tool empty trip, especially when back to zero at a distance, can set the machine tool numerical control system set zui high feed rate.
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