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CNC machining cost profit control _ precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-04-01
CNC machining cost profit control now escalating competition in all walks of life, small and medium-sized enterprise in trying to control the cost savings. Encountered in mechanical manufacturing industry, precision parts processing price is a little high customer response, the automation equipment accessories, unmanned aircraft parts etc as the rising costs. If you can adjust the price control cost profit? Below seems to profit control CNC machining precision parts, can be divided into the following three points: 1, the number of production and processing: in precision parts processing technology: single processing and small batch processing difference is very big, single manufacturing cost is very high, because the programming process, machine tool of cutter and the machine process all need time, the process time is single processing a total cost. And small batch processing in the programming process is omitted, only need to repeated clamping after processing. Small batch processing cost control! 2, parts require complexity: mechanical processing craft route, divided into ordinary parts processing and precision parts processing two kinds, ordinary parts processing requirements, process simple and clear the cost control. CNC machining precision parts, complex interlocking class accuracy requirements, processing route more efficiency is low, the cost of which will be on the high side! Can adjust usability of precision parts processing requirements, to control the cost price! 3, optimization of CNC processing technology on the high side, the price of the customer response whether can adjust the price is reasonable. Sometimes meet individual processing and small batch processing, or complex precision parts processing, can see processing technology on the engineer programming do adjustment, optimizing the processing route save processing time. To help save the CNC machining cost profit control.
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