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CNC machining CNC machine maintenance methods of _ precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-04-11
CNC lathe protective equipment important is to promote normal overhaul, key repair work include inspection, weekly inspection at ordinary times, month, season and rectified inspection inspection. Numerical control lathe numerical control lathe protective repair the following: production and processing with CNC lathe usually check the key engineering project includes hydraulic transmission system, air intake system, main shaft bearing slides air intake system, cooling system, gas pressure system software. Inspection at ordinary times is based on normal condition of the system software to carry out the inspection. For example, when the main shaft bearing detection in the whole process of air intake system, driving force, the light should be on gasoline pump shall all normal operation, if the driver the light not bright, should maintain the spindle bearing termination conditions, and mechanical engineers touch overhaul. CNC lathe processing weekly inspection its key engineering projects including mechanical parts, main shaft bearing, air intake system, should be appropriate inspection every week, especially in is the mechanical parts in addition to the iron equipment, cleaning. N - C production and processing of CNC lathe inspection check dryer equipment is the key to switch power and gas. Switch power working voltage 180 v - 220 v rated current, under normal circumstances the frequency of 50 hz, if the working voltage is abnormal, should carry out accurate measurement and adjustment. Drying machine equipment to eliminate the gas inside the January once, then cleaning, assembly line. To production and processing of CNC lathe inspection key need from nc lathe body, hydraulic system, main shaft bearing of the dimension of air intake system. Inspection, for example, the numerical control lathe body, the key depends on the precision of the numerical control lathe, numerical control lathe level is to guide the rules, if not so good, should first contact mechanical engineer. Check the hydraulic transmission system and the spindle bearing when the air intake system, if you have any problem, should be the new oil in 6 ol and 20 l, and clean up. For CNC lathe inspection in the first half of rectified, should check the hydraulic transmission system, air intake system and the X axis spindle bearing, if not so good, should be moved around the new oil, clean up later. To master and grasp the protective maintenance in sufficient professional knowledge, it is important to the abnormal of system software of steam pressure and regulation have deeper grasp. If petrol pump sprayer, working pressure is abnormal, such as noise, you should know the key reason, relative solution is what. Steam pressure because of the abnormal situation and system software control need to know: from three levels: the various gasoline pump pump because the key will be not lower than low level, in the opposite direction, and rotational speed, high oil viscosity, high oil temperature, oil water separator and low, and large amount of oil pipe assembly line, import, shaft, motor rotor inlet gas, etc. , this will be a petrol pump in the opposite direction when the oil filled, determine the mark. Work pressure is not stable, work pressure is too high or too low. Key reason also have poor working pressure setting, pressure reducing valve fan coil actual operation, the barometer is abnormal, steam pressure leak system software, etc. Relative to the requirements of the solution is to set clear work pressure to open, changing a normal barometer, successively in accordance with the inspection system software. Key noise caused by gasoline pump and gate valve. When gate valves have noise, because is traffic for excess, as far as possible, adjust the total flow; Because when the pump noise, and the relative solutions are also many, such as oil of high viscosity, low oil temperature, the solution is to improve the oil temperature; When the oil bubble, the gas should be released within the system software.
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