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CNC machining center, set up a reasonable speed, feed?

by:Xavier      2020-03-27
CNC machining center is short for computer numerical control machine tool, is a kind of automatic mechanism controlled by the program of machine tool. Use of digital information to control the machine movement and machining process. Generally refers to the precision machining of CNC machine tools, CNC lathe, milling machine, boring machine, etc. CNC machining center to have the processing of logic control code or other symbols in accordance with procedures prescribed by the instruction. Through the computer to translate it into the code, so that the machine can good action to run in accordance with the relevant provisions. By car, milling cutter cutting the wool embryo of processed into semi-finished or finished parts. Now, the numerical control machine tool has been widely used in all of the mechanical processing field. CNC machining center has become the development trend of mould processing and the necessary technical means. When use CNC machining center need to do some setting of process parameters, such as feed rate and spindle speed, spindle and reversing, tool change, the switch of cooling liquid, etc. Machining center spindle speed, feed and cutting amount is mainly determined by the cutting tool and machining of the same material with different cutting tool parameter set quantitative are also different. Cutting tool when buy, however, will provide the parameter to be set. Three wake import tools, such as their tool will provide processing parameters of different materials, such as the largest feed, cutting and cutting speed. Cutting speed can be according to the formula, cutting speed = ( The machining diameter / 3. 14 / speed) * 1000. As you want to process a diameter of 50 mm holes, cutting tool of the maximum cutting speed is 150 m/min, the spindle speed = ( 150/3. 14/50) * 1000 = 955 turn according to the cutter size, processing material hardness, machine performance, precision mould processing, etc. Hard cutting tools, materials, low precision and speed is slow, and fast. Specific also according to your own experience.
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