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CNC machining center operation panel the implications of various function keys?

by:Xavier      2020-09-23
CURSOR: move the mouse CURSOR move to online editor. 页面( The web page changes to key) : display screen and change the web page, the display screen changes back web page. The arrow keys and data: press this key input English letters, and other identifiers POS ( Parts according to key) : the location of the display device on the CRT. PRGRM ( Program key) : in memory write operation, display and display program. Under the way of MDI, MDI input and query data information. DISPLACEMENTMENU ( Adjust and display offset value) 。 DGNOSPARAM( Since the main parameters confirmed key) 。 Make a left turn | right there are all kinds of CNC machining center CNC milling machine. Franco, of the following is a common equipment: FANUC series product operation panel of buttons and function: 1. Reset ( Reset button) : 2. Press this button restart CNC system software. Contains cancellation alarm, shaft, common faults of the calibration leave automatic cycle operation system and output the output of the half part of the output process, etc. 3. CURSOR: move the mouse CURSOR move to online editor. 4. 页面( The web page change buttons) : display screen and change the web page, the display screen changes back web page. 5. The arrow keys and data: press this key input English letters, and six other identifier. POS( Parts according to key) Location: the display device in the CRT 7. PRGRM ( Plan key) : 8. Write, data visualization and data visualization to run programs in memory. Under the way of MDI in automatic mode, instruction value display information input and display MDI data in 9. Migration, single ( Adjust the compensation value and display) 10. DGNOSPARAM( Since the main parameters confirmed key) 11, according to the basic parameters and confirmed the data information display. ALPR。 OPR( Display alarm number keys) : display alarm sequence number and equipped with and its mobile software operating panel display 12. AUXGRAPH ( Pattern shows key) : pattern shows the effect of 13. 输入( Enter key) Main parameters: or offset value input; Enter the I/O machine equipment; In the MDI mode input instruction 14 data information. STARTOUT( Start button) 15. 改变( Changes in key) : changes in the storage process of 16 character or symbol. INSRT: insert a character or symbol after the mouse cursor 17. 可以( Undo key) : cancel recorded in buffer area of 18 character or symbol. Delete: delete memory operation procedure of characters or symbols other English letters show the following: coordinate words closely around the X axis rotation coordinate closely around Y axis rotation coordinate B C word around the Z axis rotation D compensation of the serial number with compensation for CNC blade command E secondary switch power function F feed rate, feeding rate of instructions in advance to prepare function G position way to compensate for the serial number serial number specific I H compensation harmony management center X axis arc arc J coordinates word management center Y coordinate axes K arc management center Z axis coordinate L a repeated over and over again the total number of stationary circulatory system and the method. M function conversion equipment directive series, series, series, series number, serial number O subroutine serial number specific P aborted or role in the process to begin the application process sequence number fixed loop system Q last paragraph Numbers or fixed cycle system of fixed coordinates r certain spacing between words in a fixed period of time of arc or half fixed spacing through S main shaft bearing spindle bearing rate command special tools function T instruction special tool serial number word u coordinate values or increase the pause time of extra coordinate axes parallel surface of centerline gaining coordinate parallel surface coordinates V X characters in additional shaft centerline Y W coordinate value of additional amount word axis parallel surface coordinates of the words in the X and Z axes coordinate must coordinate values or pause time centerline XY must coordinate the Y coordinate value Z coordinate words must coordinate value of the Z axis.
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