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CNC machining center of maintenance and maintenance plan CNC processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-11
Numerical control lathe appropriate practical operation and maintenance, can avoid the abnormal damage of machine tools, to prevent the machine suddenly is invalid. Attentively maintenance of machine tools, the ability to maintain production and processing precision of machine tool of long-term stable, increase machine life. In this work must be from the factory management efficiency value and practice! Maintenance for aliens 1, the application of actual operation staff to undertake machinery, equipment, maintenance, and basic maintenance. 2, maintenance of equipment maintenance staff to undertake machinery, equipment and the necessary maintenance; 3, in charge of all the monitoring workshop workshop actual operation and equipment maintenance and management. Numerical control mechanical application of basic provisions 1, CNC machinery and equipment to bypass should prevent environmental humidity, smoke too much and corrosive gas region; 2, prevent the sun, and other radiant heat. High precision CNC machinery should eliminate vibration large machinery and equipment, such as high-speed punching machine, forging equipment, etc. 3, machinery and equipment operating temperature should be manipulated in the middle of the 15 to 35 degrees. Precision machining temperature control in 20 degrees, strict controls of temperature rise and fall. 4, to prevent big ups and downs of switch power supply category ( More than 10% are negative) And will be the moment the harm of electromagnetic interference, unique route switching power supply ( Such as the independent course of the NC machine tool low-voltage distribution box office) , add regulated power supply, can reduce the quality of power supply system and the dangers of electrical equipment for dry scratching. Maintain normal production and processing precision 1, after start-up, equipment must be heated up 10 minutes to production and processing; Long-term need equipment should increase the heating time; 2, check the fuel pipe is unobstructed; 3, before shutdown work station and saddle on equipment base ( The three axis of each axis scheduling scheduling to right in the middle) ; 4, machine tool to maintain dry mania, cleaning. Daily maintenance, daily 1 to remove dust and iron chipping: contains the machine tool operation panel, main shaft bearing cone hole, CNC CNC numerical control lathe, cutting head and taper rocker, CNC library arm and blade library, tool post, xy metal cover, soft plastic hose, tank chain within the machine tool equipment, cutting groove. 2, check the grease level gauge RunHua ratio to ensure the machine; 3, check the frozen aren't frozen liquid in the tank to add immediately. 4, check the gas pressure is normal; 5, check the spindle bearing inner taper hole blow to check if everything is normal, with neat and pure cotton cloth scrub spindle bearing inner taper hole, with light oil painting; 6, cleaning utensils arm and special tools, especially in the claw. 7, check all lights, lamp all normal; 8, check the car engine oil pressure module pipe is leaking. 9, the cleaning after machine daily affairs; 10, maintain equipment surrounding the natural environment. Maintenance every week 1, clear heat exchanger air filters, cooling pump, lubrication pump filter unit; 2, check the special tool anchor bolt is falling off, collet is clean. 3, check the triaxial equipment whether the endpoint deviation; 4, check the transfer arm exercise is stable, spindle is stable. 5, check the oil, if have water cooler if line at school the following, please immediately to the oil and the cold oil; 6, clear away the residue in the compressed air and moisture, check on the remaining oil in welding smoke and dust separation equipment, check the work of relay if everything is normal, check the sealing condition of pneumatic system, due to the quality of the pneumatic system immediately harm in dao and air intake system.
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