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CNC machining center fixture choice is very important also _ precision machinery processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-03
Core or CNC four axis processing is the core of five-axis linkage CNC machining of high flexible provisions of the fixture than the general machine structure is compact, simple, profit maximization to reduce as much as possible to assist time, real-time control is convenient, ShengJin, safety, and to ensure that sufficient stiffness, to fundamentally change multiterminal, too. Choose a suitable fixture to pay more attention to the precision of machining parts, large size, machining cycle time and costs. Precision parts processing to choose good fixture effectively, the first to CNC machining features of core have a more profound understanding. CNC machining of CNC machining center special tool called CNC machine or numerical control machine core. In processing of numerical control lathe CNC machine drilling core called nc lathe work. CNC machining CNC machine tool processing G code to artificial service program, but the general machining workshop with CAM software automatic loading CAD document translate into G code program flow, the numerical control machine tool for manipulation. CNC computer gongs processing he is nc machine tool electric actuator drive components, contains the main shaft bearing drive module, feed module, spindle motor and feed motor, etc. He dominated in the numerical control machine tool equipment according to the electrical equipment or hydraulic servo control system to keep the spindle bearings and feed drive. Being a multiple feed together, can be accurate positioning, parallel lines, plane curve graph processing and interior space. Fully consider various factors, choose ( 轩泽) Economic development, effective jig just wasted effort will help ensure the actual effect, can give full play to the larger the effect of CNC processing core. Precision CNC machining CNC machine tool is a kind of automation of machine tools, machining, is based on steel sample figure and the whole process of machining process, the common nc blades, and quantity of each component of the move, rate and position sequence, the rotational speed rate of the main shaft bearing, spindle bearing rotating bearing, the blade clamping, blade let go and water cooling, the actual operation, to the requirements of the nc machine tool encoding to write program flow sheet, type in the machine tool special computer. Subsequently, nc machine tools according to type the command to carry out after compiling, and arithmetic and logic to solve, output various data signals and command, control each part according to the requirements of the migration and orderly posture, processing a variety of different appearance of steel. Thus, the program flow of personnel allocation for nc machine tools give full play to the efficiency of great harm. Precision machining acquisition four-column hydraulic receive a sale - Dantu CNC machinery for office environment of high precision numerical control machinery in general have a temperature control the regulation of the natural environment, only under the standard of temperature control, can guarantee the machine precision and degree of finish. Thus light fixture base very appropriate batch production cycle time is tight. Effective application of fixture, potential excavation equipment work experience, in order to improve CNC machine tool processing efficiency, just 'chosen' nc machine tool fixture or insufficient, also must be in 'good' nc machine tool fixture on hard work. Below in detail three common ways: more jig method the basic concept of jig method: according to a clip with several steel, do reduce enterprise clamp time, increase the CNC blade that the aim of reasonable drilling time. During the whole process in general parts CNC machining center cutting processing, to ensure quality and machining precision parts processing, improve processing the whole process of raw sludge load, the first to make sure for the machine tool CNC blade - Steel and indirect mouth (with each other Collet and jig) Drilling machining system software to carry out the optimization system, to ensure that all system software in the high speed drilling process smoothly.
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