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CNC machining center, automatic tool change and spindle orientation

by:Xavier      2020-07-18

CNC machining center unique knife library can realize the function of the automatic tool change and spindle orientation. Compared with general machine tool costs are higher, of course, higher machining precision and efficiency. So to correctly choose the right processing center, so as to ensure the efficiency of CNC machining center maximum. So the choice for the business processing center model is quite cautious, so specific should pay attention to what? Below the answer for you by our:

a, selection procedures should be reasonable, the premise is to understand comprehensively processing center, including its properties, characteristics, types, scope of application, and so on main parameters, only on the basis of fully understanding can be according to the following procedure.

2, select the appropriate type. Take into account when selecting types of CNC machining process, machining object, scope, price and other factors. One-side processing, for example, artifacts, such as a variety of plate parts, etc. , should choose vertical processing industry center; Both sides above the workpieces or around a radial radial hole porosity, surface processing, should choose horizontal machining; For complex curved surface processing, such as the integral impeller of the steam, engine, etc. , can choose five axis machining center; For workpiece precision high, USES the bedroom machining center; For large size workpiece processing, such as machine tool lathe bed, column, etc. , can choose gantry machining center.

of course, the above method is only for reference, eventually to under the condition of process requirement and the balance of money to make a decision.

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