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CNC machine tool precision parts processed phenomenon, how to solve

by:Xavier      2020-05-27
CNC machine tool precision parts processed phenomenon is how to solve the precision machinery parts processing enterprises, nc machine tools has become enterprise essential, especially with the development of modern industry, CNC milling machine, the cutting tool radius compensation instructions more, can be directly according to the precision parts machining contour programming, at the same time in the program also gives a tool radius compensation instructions, do not need to request a cutting tool center orbit, can avoid complicated data calculation. In addition, the use of radius compensation function, can use different under the same processing program of the diameter of the cutting tool machining the same product, this brought great convenience to CNC precision parts processing. Nc machine tool while benefits, but also there are some problems in the processing, such as cutting phenomenon, reasons, hardware machinery processing enterprises how to solve this problem? When milling cutter movement and an internal Angle junction, the cutter and workpiece contact area increases, cutting force also increase, and then through the corner by the two sides milling into side milling, cutting force decreases, and the tool to the workpiece machining deformation of the inside surface and cutting, the big inertia system, when the feed speed is higher, due to its move inertia can also lead to cutting tool. The measures are as follows: 1. Choose good rigidity, small vibration and thermal deformation of small tools, such as select HSS end mill, in most cases, choose good increases the cost of tools, but can improve accuracy of precision parts processing, it reduces the processing cost. 2. According to the feed speed for fractional programming. Corner for rectangular parts processing, and processing route along two orthogonal axes, just in a servo system coordinates the location of the instruction input moment, another axis servo system position and then accept instruction, and instantly accelerate from zero to a specified speed, but at the instant of the instruction suddenly changed, the first axis of instruction position has a certain amount of lag, and began to accelerate in the second axis, the first axis has not yet to a turning point, so will be cut. The measures are as follows: 1. In the programming for the first coordinate points very slow down, or make the program in turn period of automatic deceleration and acceleration; 2. Note the clamping method, avoid processing route along the two basis points orthogonal coordinate axes. When programming paused at the corner. The above information is derived from the metal mechanical processing factory Xavier company in shenzhen.
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