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CNC apprentice to technicians need to know what technology _ precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-03-31
CNC apprentice to the technicians need to know what technology now introduce you to CNC apprentice to the technicians need to know what technology? Shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD is a professional manufacturer engaged in CNC machining of the strength, Xavier precision in precision parts processing industry has ten years of technology accumulation, has a wealth of precision machinery parts processing customer case. How as for CNC apprentice from apprentice to accumulation of mechanic process, this is a relatively long time accumulation of precision parts processing method and technological process of accumulation. First, you need to find a precision parts processing plants, commonly known as 'computer gongs processing factory', which is CNC processing factory, you need to go in apprenticeship, and then slowly to learn to use CNC machining center, and learn the process of how to get to the processing precision parts processing process, and machining process. Simple, you need to master the basic mechanical equipment and technology; 1, 2, precision CNC machining precision machinery processing craft process operation 3, precision parts processing method of 4, familiar with 5 milling machine, grinding machine 6, skilled use of precision testing instrument skillfully use 7, the use of CNC machining center and the directive 8, can according to the drawing requirements processing precision parts 9, is rich in processing cases and rich the CNC machining method of the basic you need to master the basic technology: hello, a few months to a year's time, if you and with your teacher or supervisor relationship harmony, you will learn faster, when you master the basic skills of the CNC machining, you still just fuck a CNC machine, CNC operating machine technicians, need you more technical accumulation and encounter all sorts of problems can be solved independently, to the extent you learn fast, gears, this is an accumulation of experience and processing methods and process of CNC machining process, suggested in a factory before settling down to do things well, thoroughly learn technology, the technology about the time, your teacher or supervisor will give you a pay rise, now has a technology is very popular, as a man is must be skilled. So learn technology have to the heart sink, put good mentality to learn technology. If you sincerely want to learn the CNC machining, can come to our factory in shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , the specific contact way you can look at the right side of the site, a manager WeChat and phone number. Our factory also fuck recruitment CNC machine apprentice, as long as you sincerely to come to work, to learn technology, our factory is welcome! As long as you learn modestly technology, by heart, you will learn fast in our factory, we master supervisor will arrange with you, if you have enough hard-working to learn technology, some sweet, I want to master CNC operation machine in our factory is willing to teach you the art! When you learn the CNC operating machine technology, CNC technician level, then you can study to learn technology, CNC programming has fuck CNC machining technology base, learn CNC machining graphics programming will learn more quickly, when you learn the CNC quotation engineering graphics programming also can learn mechanical process, general CNC processing factory has quotation engineer, wages are high, so young people are diligent, pragmatic, a worker and aspirant, your future will be better than the general population.
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