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CNC and 3 d printing, where is the difference?

by:Xavier      2020-09-23
Traditional products ( 产品) Parts CNC processing manufacturing industry experienced a very long-term development trend, at present already owns a perfect specification, whether it is a main shaft bearing, CNC blade socket ( 接口) 回收是操纵( 控制) The system software ( 系统) But 3 d printing ( Is a kind of rapid prototyping technology) Industry at this stage as the lack of standards, and specification to create usually must be a not short time. CNC machining many lower total overalls, multifarious parts need not multifarious work clothes. Such as to change the appearance of the parts and specifications, the process must be altered parts processing program, only apply to new product research and development and civilian. CNC machining relativity manual type with a lot of advantages, such as nc machining the parts manufacturing is very precise and accuracy; Nc machining can manufacture manual type cannot have multifarious design parts. Nc machining technology has been widely adopted, most of the machining workshop nc machining work ability and typicality of machining workshop is one of the most common method of nc machining with CNC machining center, CNC machining center and CNC EDM, line cutting, Spark wire cutting) 。 Computer control CNC lathe CNC numerical control lathe machining is known, is a kind of with processes the automation technology of automatic control system of numerical control lathe, can according to the program that has been programmed process, make CNC lathes and machining parts. Comprehensive mechanical equipment, automation technology, electronic computer, such as accurate measurement, electronic optical new technical. Basic composition contains processing program flow plasmid vector, numerical control machine tool equipment, servo motor drive equipment, numerical control lathe behavior main body and other auxiliary equipment. Above three guys should be clear about. Summary ( zǒngjié) 1, 3 d printing (up to say: Is a kind of rapid prototyping technology) High playability, can print all kinds of strange and logistically implausible as hand-board model or product ( 产品) Entity model, and the product parts CNC machining playability will have certain limitations, simple sentence, 3 d printing ( Is a kind of rapid prototyping technology) Processing of hand-board model test product category ( fànwéi) More than products, CNC machining parts, CNC subject to CNC blade socket ( 接口) Such as, the category ( fànwéi) Less than 3 d printing ( Is a kind of rapid prototyping technology) 。 2). Also a bit not to mention is that, in fact, 3 d printing ( Is a kind of rapid prototyping technology) In print is not general pieces of the product parts CNC processing, especially the oversize piece, with 3 d printing ( Is a kind of rapid prototyping technology) Is generally more difficult to maintain, CNC machining parts and products will not have this problem ( 爱默生) 。 3, product parts CNC machining hand-board model test than 3 d printing ( Is a kind of rapid prototyping technology) Have more advantages in price, : can run over the other side of the beneficial situation) 。 4. The differences of both ( cause) That is to say, the results of 3 d printing ( Is a kind of rapid prototyping technology) Give your fantasy book or product enough to complete processing presented in sight, CNC is in the economic development ( jīngji) And making a sample of large and medium-sized hand-board model has more advantages 17 years precipitation concentration and improving the supply chain system, owns more than 100 top 10 international first-line brand CNC CNC machining center and perfect testing equipment, to meet customer demand for precision parts; Has 20 years experience team of engineers per capita, have strong ability of research and development, design, production, assembly, for medical, semiconductor, automation, automobile, optical, and other areas of the different customers with industrial supporting one-stop service, welcome to figure custom!
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