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Welcome Europe famous shared bicycle company to visit Xavier



Welcome to visit Xavier
Welcome the famous shared bicycle company in Europe to visit Xavier. They offers the ideal solution for short journeys in the city. Their free sharing system for shared bicycles becomes possible thanks to the use of smart lock, which has a built-in GPS and can easily be opened via the app on smart-phone. To keep cities liveable and easily accessible, there is a great need for new ecological mobility solutions. Our European team design and provide a new smart lock solution for it and Xavier China in charge of supply management and provide cnc machining service.
Visiting workshop
Mr Dave, who is from our Europe team show our customers around workshop, inspection measure room, packing room, warehouse etc. Mr Alexander listened carefully about the introduction and asked some questions. Mr. Dave answered the questions patiently and meticulously.

Talking about new smart lock solution in meeting room

We discussed smart lock solution detail about the design, analysis, optimization, prototype production, improvement, batch production, supply chain management and assembly in the conference room.Finally, a plan for implementing the plan was formulated.

The client ended his visit to our company after completing the various issues. Although the visit is over, our work will continue to advance.

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