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Clean up large machine tool castings

by:Xavier      2020-07-16

clear large machine tool castings, lathe bed casting cleaning essence is the maintenance of the casting, the purpose of cleaning is to improve surface quality of castings.

casting hot metal melting and pouring quality of the casting surface quality influence is mainly manifested in two aspects, one is the content of impurities in water, especially iron oxide content, it is on the casting surface slag or gas; The gas content in molten iron, high gas content is easy to make the casting on the surface or subcutaneous blowholes. We take the main measures is to improve the hot metal temperature, cupola detection system should be established in order to guarantee the cupola in the normal state.

' Let stand high temperature, low temperature casting & throughout; Is pouring control criterion, in order to reduce blow hole, shrinkage cavity and surface adhering sand castings defects. Improve the level of casting technology, improve the surface quality of export machine tool castings

reasonable parting surface to minimize parting surface, in order to reduce the flash formed by the parting surface, the surface concave and convex surface of casting defects such as; Improve shows that the integrity of the core and to reduce the number of joint between the palatial core, reduce between the palatial core type or the palatial core and fit clearance, in order to improve the surface concave and convex of large castings and outline sharpness.

process parameters selection of process parameters on the casting dimension accuracy and outline sharpness has great influence. After many process test, choose carefully for each process parameters.

widely used new casting process, improve the level of casting process, to reduce casting defects, especially the casting surface defects.

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