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Clamp fixture and precision parts processing for 15 years, the main CNC machining, precision machining, precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-07
Why don't contact processing edm belong to? It can work what kind of goods? It doesn't direct contact between the tool electrode and workpiece, but there is a spark discharge gap, the gap is in commonly 0. 05 ~ 0. 3 mm, sometimes may reach zero. 5 mm is even greater, clearance of working liquid, when processed by high voltage pulse discharge, discharge corrosion on artifacts. Can '' with the edm direct use of electricity and heat energy to remove metal materials, and the strength and hardness of the workpiece material is less, so can use soft tool electrode hard workpieces, implementation', 'with. Can any difficult to machining metal materials and conductive material is due to the processing of the material removal by the discharge of the electricity, heat, the machinability of materials depends on the conductivity of the material and thermal properties, such as melting point, boiling point, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, resistivity, etc. , and almost with its mechanical properties ( Hardness, strength, etc. ) Has nothing to do. It can break through the limitation of traditional cutting processing cutting tool, can realize with soft tools machining hard and toughening of artifacts can even polycrystalline diamond, cubic boron nitride sort of superhard materials. Can processing complicated shape of the surface due to the shape of the tool electrode can simply be copied to the workpiece, so especially suitable for the machining of complex surface shape, such as complex cavity mould processing, etc. Especially the adoption of the numerical control technology, make with simple electrode processing complicated shape parts become a reality. Can processing and special requirements of parts machining, flexibility, low stiffness, tiny pores and shaped holes, deep holes and other parts have special requirements, can also be in the mold processing small text. Due to machining tool electrode and workpiece is not in direct contact, no mechanical processing of cutting force, so is suitable for processing low rigidity workpiece and micro machining. Shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD focus on tooling and fixture fixture precision parts processing for 15 years, the main CNC machining, precision machining, precision machinery parts processing.
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