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Circular pieces of precision machinery processing square hole edm machine tool

by:Xavier      2020-05-16
Circular pieces of precision machining square hole edm machine tool nc edm machine tool processing is becoming more and more widely in precision machinery processing enterprises use, although the processing speed is slow, but of high precision, processing shape depends on the shape of the electrode, so as long as the electrode process in advance, what about the shape of the groove can be processed. In precision metal processing edm, must carry on the positioning and alignment in advance if you encounter on the cylindrical workpiece processing square hole, the cutting problems looking for is not convenient; To machining parts on the axis of the precision parts, previous symmetry precision is often not wear silk hole is too high, used as a process of machine tool for automatic points hole cannot ensure the accuracy of precision machining; Part of the tool holder is used before, has processing square cutter hole, just crushed after use, should will increase some square hole cut again, so it can't use the original square hole points, brought difficulty to processing; In precision metal processing parts of the outer diameter size is different, every processing on dao, spend time making enterprises processing efficiency is low. In this case, you need to use special fixture, by a v-shaped structure and used in the machine tool for automatic points in block iron on both sides. With this fixture clamping round workpiece processing, can effectively reduce the precision parts clamping and positioning time, improve the efficiency of the precision machining. And can ensure the cutting square hole and tool rod axis of symmetry, improves the machining accuracy, especially when the workpiece batch larger value more obvious. Due to the workpiece directly points, not on behind of fixture comprehensive error of cutting square hole and the workpiece axis of the symmetry precision, comprehensive error of the jig include: V block bottom surface shape and position error, the two sides and the v-shaped surface shape error, the two sides symmetry error and the v-shaped surface, block iron inner surface shape error, necessary to consider the impact of these errors, jig making should as far as possible to improve machining accuracy, reduce the error of precision metal processing. V block on both sides of the iron block is in order to make the machine can automatically, which side of the flatness accuracy is higher, can grinding, you don't need other surface finishing, v-shaped blocks on both sides in the center of symmetry error and the v-shaped surface center of more difficult to control, general milling cannot guarantee accuracy when producing, can directly use wire-cutting processing, error is generally not greater than zero. 02 mm, the surface is rough available oil stone grinding appropriately, also can use CNC milling. The above information is derived from the precision metal processing factory in guangdong Xavier company, more product details, please click link to see http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155089 - 0 - 0. html
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