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Check the equipments before _ CNC machining parts precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-04-11
Everybody before processing which goods, must understand the process of test standard is what, because it can help you to understand, the processing is pass, this commodity is appropriate, this are all able to understand, computer gongs processing is the same, so in front of the computer gongs processing test standard which in accordance with the specification? , copy number 1, points, each point in after the first copy good job number of coordinates, to start from scratch again after reset view is not each other, one on either side of the core to the spacing points to ensure that, in copy number of accurate. 2, choose knife, knife, the knife, copy the Z axis coordinate number. According to the program details to choose suitable for cutting tools, the knife before putting blade with little tip thoroughly clean clean, the school have to table view with the knife tool deflection of ever. To start from scratch after the knife copy number check once, avoid knife, right and wrong copy number wrong enormous losses to the enterprise. 3, transfer procedures, began to processing: knife should be applied before the single section, the transmission speed feed rate to slow, slow speed under the knife, to present the Z axis CNC lathe capacity, check if there is any abnormal phenomenon, if any abnormal phenomenon hold suspend button immediately, because the search to solve abnormal phenomenon, approved after everything is ok to fit rate began to processing. 4 during the whole process, processing, and time to pay attention to the investigation process if there is any abnormal phenomenon, have tool wear, tool damage is not optimistic to suspend mode, to ensure that the processing and all is well. A cut is refers to the cutting tool of cutting area and cutting, the damage of the parts. Artifacts caused by cutting a variety of reasons, there are mainly machine tool accuracy is not high, hit knife, knife, programming tool but the actual process of selecting the small misuse big knives, etc. In addition, if the master fuck machine is not accurate to knife, also can cause a cut. Dao is refers to the amount of cutting tool is too large, in addition to cutting edge, tool rod also hit the artifacts. Is the main cause of colliding of safety height setting is not reasonable or no setting safety highly improper use, improper choice of processing ways and tools and secondary open when the coarse margin Settings than open rough set and small margin for the first time. When choosing the Angle of the cutting tool, the influence of the need to consider many factors, such as the workpiece material, cutting tool material, processing properties, Rough and finish machining) And so on, must be reasonable choice according to specific circumstances. Tool Angle, usually is refers to the manufacturing and measuring the annotation Angle in actual work, due to different cutter installation position and the change of the cutting direction, the Angle of the practical work and annotation Angle is different, but the difference between usually is very small.
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