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Car in machining, boring, milling, grinding, planing, drilling, thread cutting equipment do you use?

by:Xavier      2020-04-11
Lathe: the lathe is the main rotating workpiece in cutting tool turning processing of machine tools. Can also be used on a lathe drill, reamer drill, reamer, tap, die, and knurling tools for the corresponding processing. Generally fall into two categories, ordinary lathes and CNC lathes, ordinary lathe mainly by artificial control parts size accuracy, the most is the test level of workers; CNC lathe is performing operations through computer programming. Boring machine, mainly use the workpiece existing prefabricated boring cutter hole boring machine. Usually, boring cutter rotating movement, the movement of the boring tool or workpiece to feed movement. It is mainly used for machining high precision hole or a positioning multiple hole finishing, moreover can also engage in other related to the hole finishing machining surface. Using different cutting tools and accessories can also be for drilling, milling, cutting machining accuracy and surface quality than drilling machine. Boring machine is main equipment of large body parts processing. Cylindrical screw thread and the processing and face, etc. Milling machine: refers to mainly use milling cutter in the processing of various workpieces surface of machine tools. Usually cutter rotating movement is given priority to, the artifacts ( And) The movement of the cutter for feed movement. It can processing plane, groove, processing all kinds of curved surface, the gear, etc. Milling machine is to use milling cutter for milling machine tools artifacts. Milling machine in addition to milling flat, grooved, gear teeth, threads and spline shaft, also can processing complex surface, high efficiency of a planer, widely used in machinery manufacturing and repair department. Grinding machine: namely the workpiece machining with high roughness, can be divided into: : surface grinder, cylindrical grinder internal grinder, tool grinder, universal tool grinder, curve grinding machine, optical curve grinding machine, nc curve grinding machine, guideway grinder, jig grinding machine, etc. Basic is milling planer: now, instead of, here is no need for drilling machine: ditto nc system: nc ( English name: Numerical Control, NC) Technology refers to use Numbers, words and symbols of the instructions to achieve one or more machinery equipment action control technology. Nc program control is realized by using universal or special number commonly, so the numerical control also called computer numerical control ( 电脑数值控制) , hereinafter referred to as CNC, foreign generally called CNC, rarely then use NC this concept. Namely system, leading system, the Japanese FANUC, mitsubishi, Europe and the United States: Hyde, Siemens, domestic: huazhong CNC, guangzhou CNC, etc. , which belongs to the dosage of FANUC most. Machining center: concentrated car milling planer grinding clamp for the integration of nc machine tools, the performance can be divided into 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis linkage, price and performance are into a geometric growth. Cutting center: should be turning center, also known as the car milling compound, at present the level of domestic has not yet been made, the largest number of dosage, Japanese, such as import camp stool, China imported logo is LG Mazak, no LG) The price is very high. A kind of horizontal machining center, machining center, the difference is that axis parallel to the workbench, the processing of opposite and more complex, higher precision and more used in automobile, aerospace and other large precision enterprise. German import case shown above LaoBo five-axis lie, for example, 6 million yuan. Of course this is five axis. Vertical machining center: ditto vice gantry milling, milling planer milling for short, is a door frame and horizontal milling machine lathe bed. Gantry milling machine can be used more than the milling processing surface at the same time, the machining accuracy and production efficiency are high, suitable for batch and mass production of large workpieces in plane and slope. CNC gantry milling machine can also be processing space curved surface and some special parts. Many used for mould processing, the price is high. Line: also known as electric spark, just as its name implies is the workpiece cutting through the current ways. A kind of wire cutting, is the use of continuous moving fine wire ( Called the wire electrode) As electrode, pulsed spark discharge of artifact removal in metal, cutting shape. It is mainly used for processing a variety of complex shape and small precision workpiece.
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