Components are manufactured in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Can cnc precision parts be made by any shape, size, color, spec. or material?
We offer ready-made as well as tailor-made cnc precision parts . If the shape, size, color, material, or other aspects of our existing products do not meet your needs, tell us what you are looking for, we can customize it for you. But the lead time of custom products will take longer than that of the existing products. Our quality-focused and customer-tailored service define our business. And you can benefit from our skill, experience, and technical expertise. If you require customization, contact us.

Shenzhen Xavier Precision Components Co., Ltd. ranked first in China's production and sales for many years machined parts. According to the material, Xavier Precision Components's products are divided into several categories, and cnc machined components is one of them. cnc machined parts with cnc parts will highly attract customers. It features strong chemical stability even under extreme conditions. The product has good mechanical properties. It has both good relative hardness (Mohs scale) and absolute hardness, which makes it resistant to the exterior impact. Its tensile strength makes it stand out among other competitors in the market.

Xavier Precision Components offers aluminum cnc milling service for many world-renowned brands.
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