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By the method of error compensation and transfer to control precision machinery parts processing precision

by:Xavier      2020-05-06
To control by using the method of error compensation and transfer precision machinery parts processing precision Xavier company is committed to precision machinery parts processing for 15 years, has been to quality service, manufacturing high quality parts for the favour of customers, long-term cooperation of many customers. Thus obtained some experience in precision machining. In the process of precision machinery parts processing, the first thing to consider is the processing of the original error rate to a minimum. Because in the process of precision machining, will involve many aspects, such as the processing precision parts used in cutting tools, equipment and processing technology, etc. In the process of machining the original equipment will surely there is more or less error, error of precision machinery parts processing will ensue. So, because of the reason of the processing equipment itself caused by the error value, it is the leading cause of precision metal parts processing error occurred. Will related equipment in the precision machining of the original error to a minimum, will be conducive to greatly reduce the error precision parts processing, in the process of making precision machining quality has been effectively controlled. The second is for precision machining error compensation ways in existence. In the process of precision machining parts, if we can't find where the error of the original equipment appear, or is to find out the reason of the error occurred, but there was no effective ways to solve. So speak in front of the precision machinery processing equipment of the original error control in a certain level doesn't work. What about this case what should we do, we have many years experience in precision machinery parts processing, it is concluded that can take effective measures to compensate the error, so that the machining precision parts appear error probability effectively reduced. So that the precision machinery parts processing quality can be effectively protected. Finally is the precision machining error exists for transfer. In the machining process, if there is no way to try to adjust to the error of the equipment itself exists in time, at the same time there are no good way to compensate the error of, this is implemented by using the error transfer method of precision machining error effectively reduce. Error transfer of the main steps are as follows, the first to find out the error of the different parts of precision parts to what extent the impact of the use of the parts, and then using the error transfer way, in view of the error of the original process appropriate transfer, this practice is moving more important parts of the error to less important component parts, so as to effectively control the overall quality of the products. The above information from the http://www Xavier machinery plant. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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