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By reducing machine tool vibration increase precision machinery parts processing precision

by:Xavier      2020-05-06
By reducing machine tool vibration increase precision machinery parts processing precision precision machinery parts processing, any small factors can cause the processing precision of parts, especially we specialize in precision parts processing, processing accuracy reaches 0. 002 mm, error produced by various factors should be given in advance. In addition to the common cascaded craft accumulation of processing error of machine tool vibration which must also be considered. Generally speaking, the vibration caused by periodic vibration force, vibration force is rotary precision machining process caused by the imbalance of quality, reduce vibration force will reduce because of rotary components caused by the unbalanced centrifugal inertia force and impact force, is a grinding wheel for machine tools, motor rotor and the knife dish of more than 600 r/min high-speed rotating components such as static balance and dynamic balance, or set up automatic balancing device, the second is improve the stability of the actuator in precision parts processing, such as mechanical processing manufacturers of equipment used by the transmission belt length is consistent, no joints or less joints, try to use helical gears instead of straight gear, install the flywheel in the spindle, high precision and small power processing equipment make the power away from the machine tool and other measures. Three is to improve the transmission stability, improve to coupling between associative and various shaft axis alignment, remove from the high-speed shaft or spindle drive lubricating oil pump CAM, at the same time improve the quality of manufacturing and assembly precision. In precision machining process, reasonable arrangement of natural frequency of the machining system, can effectively prevent the happening of the resonance phenomenon, its main measures are as follows: one is to effectively avoid the natural frequency of the system, and can adjust the excitation frequency; Second, when designing the structure of the mechanical processing, make the parts of process system is far greater than or far less than the natural frequency of resonance frequency. Bearing of the three is the precision machining equipment and gib try to adjust the clearance between the parts, make its deviation from the excitation frequency, four are some of the motion parameters adjusting machining system, effectively avoid possible forced vibration of the vibration source frequency, far high mechanical processing equipment in weak modal frequencies.
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