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Bionic cutting oil used in the machining and the difference between ordinary cutting oil

by:Xavier      2020-07-12
Before our company website has introduced about the precision machining of cutting oil used in select, because at the time of processing cutting oil is very important, if we know that the cutting oil for a major role in the precision machining of, let's look at another topic, is the new on the market recently a bionic cutting oil. Today we will introduce the difference between the bionic type cutting oil and ordinary cutting oil: 1. Type is more durable, bionic design principle of the cutting oil main arguments made biological self regulatory and repair themselves, in the face of increasingly complex machining environment can reflect than the original ordinary cutting fluid more stable performance, long service life. 2. More safe and reliable: traditional cutting oil is often faced with the bacteria breeding, leading to bad problem, if the fungicide to join too, unable to control bacteria, cutting oil can fester and rancidity, hot day especially; If fungicide add too much, often lead to oil and gas cutting pungent flavor, is harm for operator. Bionic type cutting oil and built biological immune system, the design of antibacterial system can increase or decrease as bacteria and changes, bacteria increased, can effectively produce antibacterial organization, prevent cutting oil metamorphism. When bacteria reduce, also won't because a lot of antibacterial discomfort caused by the workers. 3. Using lower cost: it is well known that the traditional cutting oil in use process due to fever or workpiece adhesion will take a lot of effective components. This we have mentioned in the previous company news, and bionic type cutting oil applied biological regeneration function, even if the water level drops, but there will be more effective components than traditional cutting oil residue in solution, only a small amount to concentrate, and water supply solution. Overall consumption compared to before the use of the more savings. In fact, we say a year, more durable is also reduce the cost. 4. Cooling, episodic stronger: actually everybody has many guidance, cutting oil for machining the ultimate significance is that when processing the workpiece cooling effect, and the traditional cutting oil ( Especially oily cutting oil) Often after processing the workpiece is very dirty, clean very inconvenient. Bionic type cutting oil selected features the advantages of using biological environment, design the function of selective chemical adsorption, can produce micro chemical adsorption on processing centers, and on the tools to be surface to form a micro polymer membrane, the polymer film can effectively provide lubrication and cooling, at the same time in the processing area was not very difficult to clean the oil film formation, so this kind of selective adsorption satisfy the processing need of lubrication and cooling, at the same time, can meet the requirements of the subsequent convenient cleaning, so that on the one hand, greatly improving the efficiency, on the other hand can reduce the scrap rate of the workpiece. 5. More environmental protection: in fact our country is put forward as early as long before manufacturing, to pay attention to environmental protection, but really do this business is not much. After the traditional cutting oil use over time, it will get in a lot of impurities, such as waste oil machine, all kinds of solid waste, impurities of deposition and so on, finally become 'paste', lead to serious affected cutting oil quality, and clean up late very trouble. Bionic type cutting oil applied biological self-purifying function, can be different impurities 'classification', solid impurities can be very good settlement to the lower layer, oil substances can precipitate to upper level, guarantee the stability of the solution, late processing to protect the environment at the same time, can be simple and effective to rid of substance 'settlement', simple and clean. Such a piece of cutting oil can reduce cost, can have the corresponding national call to pay attention to environmental protection, the key for workers hurt is small, so the company is in the first time to buy the bionic cutting oil for all parts and components for processing. This paper addresses: / shownews. asp吗? id = 112
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